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Is Turkey Better Than Chicken for Dogs?

Thanksgiving turkey with trimmings on a white platter

Turkey wings have about 220 calories and 11 grams of fat. A chicken wing has 9 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat and about 47 calories. The difference may be the size of the two wings as turkey wings are far larger than chicken wings.

What Is Turkey?

Turkey standing in tall grass at the base of a rocky cliff

This is an ugly bird that can be quite mean at times. The turkey grows to a larger size than the chicken and to some has tastier meat. Also, this meat is a good source of protein and has a low-fat content.

Due to its size, this meat is far more expensive than chicken, and people reserve to eat it on special occasions. It is a dinner favorite when different holidays roll around each year. Also, due to its size, it takes longer to cook but you can add stuffing to make the meal complete.

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What is Chicken?

Chickens in a field

This is a smaller bird than the turkey and it can be raised in large quantities. Its eggs are very popular for breakfast and add a special touch to different recipes.

Plus, it is great-tasting meat that is inexpensive to buy. Like turkey, chicken meat has to be cooked thoroughly to be safe to eat. Chicken can be served in a variety of ways and all those ways are fairly simple and easy to make.

This meat is a great substitute for beef when your dog is allergic to the latter meat.

How Are They Different?

Raw, whole chicken isolated on a white background

The biggest difference between the two types of meat is the size of the bird it comes from. Chickens are very small animals and rarely get over 10 pounds. Turkeys can get quite large reaching 25+ pounds with the right care.

Chicken has more calories than turkey has but it would be hard to get fat from eating either meat. That is because turkey has less fat content as well. That fat content may change depending on how you cook either bird.

How Are They Similar?

raw, whole turkey on a cutting board

One similarity will be in their protein counts. Both birds have similarly high rates of protein inside making their meat very healthy to eat. Then, they both come with light and dark meat giving you a choice of meats to eat at the dinner table.

Plus, they can be cooked in similar ways. Then they are very lean meats in comparison to other meat choices like ground beef. On top of that, both types of meat are very healthy for humans as well as dogs.

What’s Better About Turkey?

Block of ground turkey on a cutting board with a garnish on top

The best thing that can be said about turkey meat and is better than chicken meat is the size of the bird. You get more turkey meat per bird than anyone chicken can produce.

Also, it is a bit more on the healthier side of life than chicken, but not by much. Turkey meat is very healthy and when dogs eat it, they can calm down better than if they ate chicken.

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What’s Better About Chicken?

Block of ground chicken on a piece of lettuce isolated on a white background

The biggest advantage chicken has over turkey is its price. More chickens are raised than turkeys and that fact keeps the food costs down. Plus, it is easier to cook chicken due to its small size.

A turkey needs a large pan and some ovens are just not that large and cannot hold a turkey. But they can hold a chicken. That makes the chicken more popular than turkey. Preparation for the chicken is easier and faster than preparing a turkey for cooking.

Who Should Get Turkey?

Raw turkey breast with a sprig of basil and peppercorns isolated on a white background

This meat is perfect for those owners who dog or dogs have an upset stomach. It is supposed to calm the stomachs and turkey has been known to calm behavioral problems in dogs.

After eating turkey these dogs mellow out more and are easier to handle. There is a special amino acid that turkeys have that help relax anyone or animal who eats it.

Plus, it is good for those families whose pets are allergic to chicken and other meats.

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Who Should Get Chicken?

Raw chicken breasts on a cutting board with sprigs of dill and peppercorns

This meat is perfect for those families on a tight budget. Chicken is inexpensive and easier to cook than turkey meat is. Plus, everything goes with chicken. You can match it up to any number of vegetables and feed your pet a well-balanced meal.

Also, chicken is a good substitute for those dogs that are allergic to turkey and other meats.

Is Boiled Chicken or Ground Turkey Better for Dogs?

Slotted spoon holding boiled chicken cubes above a pot of boiling chicken

If you’re looking to feed your dog a healthier option than the standard kibble, boiled chicken or ground turkey may be an option. Both of these options are cooked and contain less fat than kibble. However, you should keep in mind that these types of meat can be more expensive than kibble, so it’s worth considering whether or not it is worth the price.

As with any type of food, moderation is key when feeding your dog boiled chicken or ground turkey. The main health concern with these types of meat is the risk of Salmonella contamination. These bacteria can cause diarrhea, fever and vomiting in dogs if they ingest enough of it. Salmonella can also lead to other serious health conditions like hepatitis and even death in some cases.

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