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How Often Do Dogs Need New Toys?

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There is no doubt that dogs are energetic pets and they love to keep themselves engaged. If you are swamped somewhere and cannot entertain your dog, toys are the best option to keep them occupied. Dogs are active creatures and need physical and mental stimulation to stay happy. Toys offer them a healthy activity and they can get rid of their boredom (by playing with them). Keep reading to know how often dogs need new toys and learn how they will feel about it.

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Do Dogs Get Bored of the Same Toy?

This is a fact that dogs get bored with their stuff just like we do. Most dogs get bored with their toys after a few days and refuse to play with them. This is because they love to have new toys (rather than old ones) and would prefer to play with them. They get tired of the same process even if the toy is an interactive one and will demand something new.

Rotating your dog’s toys can be an effective way to ensure that they don’t lose their charm. The right way to do this is to get a new one and make your dog play with it for a few days. After that, replace it with an older toy and your pup will find it interesting. In this way, you can keep alternating between different toys to keep your dog happy (without spending too much).

Try to purchase different types of toys so that your pooch has something different every time the toy is changed.

Are Dogs Happy When They Get a New Toy?

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Just like we love changes and prefer new stuff over the old, dogs also love new toys. Toys are exciting for dogs and a new one can make their lives extra exciting. Dogs love to champ on their new toys and would love to spend their time with new toys. You will notice that your dog sometimes carries his toy around like it is his/her friend.

Experience of Giving a New Toy to Your Dog

It is natural for a dog to show a lot of excitement when he/she is presented with a new toy. It’s very common for canines to switch looks between you and the toy. It would even be a cute sight when your dog’s body begins to shake. Similarly, he/she may also try to jump up and grab the new toy.

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How Often Should I Change My Dog’s Toys?

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Dogs are curious creatures and are always interested in new things (and activities). That’s the reason why their interest in older toys is not very long-lasting. It actually makes a lot of sense because new things can’t remain new forever and a change is necessary.

But the question is how often do dogs need new toys? It might not be possible to give an exact answer to this question because it varies from one dog to another. Some canines can play with the same toy for a week or so while others would want something new after a couple of days.

It also depends upon the type of toy that is presented to your pet. Your dog would remain interested for longer if the toy is interactive and forces your pup to think. On the other hand, a toy with a straightforward process may cause boredom, very, very quickly. The following are some steps that can help you to keep your dog happy and satisfied with toys.

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Get a New Toy

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This is the most obvious solution if you have the means for it. In most cases, buying a new toy once a month will keep your dog’s body and mind active. He will surely love to play (and enjoy) with it because dogs love new things and activities.

Rotate Your Dog’s Toys

Dogs get tired of repeated presentations of the same toys and would need something different. This goal can be achieved by implementing a very basic strategy. Keep rotating the toys of your pup after a week or two and it should keep them happy. They will consider the toys as new because they will be presented with a different challenge every time. In most cases, 3-5 toys are enough to execute this plan.

Just make sure that the toys which are not being used should stay out of your pet’s reach. After all, you don’t want to give away the secret!  

Discard Old Toys

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Hygiene is another important factor that must be kept in mind while dealing with dog toys. Discarding and replacing pet toys is necessary because damaged or old toys can be harmful to your dog. You should also wash them 2-3 times a month to make sure that they are clean (and safe).

Types of Interactive Toys for Your Dog

A wide range of toys are available in the market and it can be tricky to select one for your pooch. However, you must be clear about the end goal of getting a toy. It will help you in choosing the toy and will also help in getting the desired result. For example, you must opt for training toys if you want to teach your dog some tricks.

Alternatively, if your dog is getting bored, you must go for enrichment toys because they provide mental stimulation. Similarly, if you want to build a strong bond with your pet, interactive toys are the best option. Comfort toys are also available which are fluffy and make your dog relax. Some of the most common toys for dogs are listed below.

  • Stuffed toys
  • Chew toys
  • Puzzle toys
  • Water toys
  • Throw toys
  • Rope toys

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