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DIY Dog Crate Divider

Fuzzy white dog with a black circle around one eye standing in a dog crate

A dog crate divider is a very useful part of the crate, especially when you have more than one dog in the crate. It can also be used to reduce the space to accommodate a puppy until he becomes an adult dog. Crate dividers are also useful to house train puppies by providing them with a bathroom in their sleeping area. Although you can get a commercial crate divider, it is pretty economical to make one by yourself. Keep reading to learn how you can make a dog crate divider at home.

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What Can I Use as a Divider in a Crate?

The following two materials can be used to make a crate divider and offer great help to dog owners.


Stack of cardboard

Cardboard is a cost-friendly option for crate-training puppies. Cardboards are easy to cut and replaceable. It can be easily available in the market at very low prices. Sometimes, you may be able to find some (cardboards) just lying around in your garret or behind area businesses. You can use them but it’s important to ensure that they are free of folds or wrinkles. This is because a determined puppy might knock the weak divider out of place.

Cardboard is quite good in price and availability but lacks in strength. This makes it a good choice for puppies but a bad choice for adult dogs.


Stack of plywood

This is the perfect material if you are training a little older puppy who has entered its teething phase. At this phase, the pup might chew a cardboard divider. Plywood sheet is considered to be the best material for dividers because it is solid, durable, and lasting. But the issue is its price. Home improvement centers charge a few dollars for a plywood sheet which is far less than the detachable dividers.

It is recommended to cut a plywood sheet from the home improvement center to your exact specifications. Otherwise, you have to buy specific tools like a specific plywood cutting machine which will increase the cost handsomely.

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How Do You Make a Pet Crate Divider?

The following steps will guide you to make a pet crate divider for your pet.

Select a Pet Crate

Dog crate isolated on a white background

Choosing the right size of your dog’s crate depends upon its specific breed. It is recommended to purchase a large crate that has enough space for your dog as he/she gets bigger. You can move the divider gradually to increase the size of the sleeping area. Hence, take proper measurements of your pet or place them in the crate to see if the pup adjusts comfortably.

Choose a Suitable Material for a Divider

Person cutting plywood with a circular saw

If your dog has a habit of chewing quite often or has more strength to knock off the divider, use plywood instead of cardboard. At the same time, affordability is another reason as plywood is more expensive than cardboard. Cardboards are recommended for puppies whereas plywood sheets are for little older pups or adult dogs. These sheets are long-lasting and durable.

Measure the Crate

Measuring tape on a blue background

Now, find the height and width of the inner portion of the crate using a measuring tape and note down the dimensions. Then subtract around half an inch (1.27cm) from the height and width and mark down the dimensions on the blank cardboard or plywood sheet using a ruler and a pencil. The subtraction will ensure smooth sliding in and out of the crate with ease.

Design the Divider Panel

Person cutting cardboard with a large pair of shears

In the case of cardboard, the designer uses a pair of scissors to cut along the lines so that you can match the exact interior area of the crate. But for plywood either take the sheet to the home improvement center to cut it off or do it by yourself but for that arrange some specific tool for it. Use an electric saw to cut according to the dimension you drew to achieve a precise square matching the interior of the crate area. For this, you must have full command of the electric saw.

After that tape up the sharp edges or use high grit sandpaper to get smooth edges and corners. Make four holes (near each corner) with a drill machine or a hammer and nail for wires so that you can tie the divider with the crate.  

Install the Divider  

Close up of a dog crate

Now, install the driver by sliding into the crate and positioning its corners in such a way that it can tie with the crate using wires. Then, check that the divider either is fully fixed and secured especially if you are using a plywood sheet as they are heavy. Introduce your pet to your crate and adjust the position of the divider as per the comfort level of your pup.

How to Block Off a Large Crate for a Puppy?

Small puppy laying on its back on a dog bed

Having a large crate for a puppy is not a problem as it can be considered a long-term investment. This is because your puppy will grow with time and need more space. So if the crate is too large and you want to narrow down the extra space of your pup’s crate, simply install dividers inside it. This way you don’t have to return or refurbish the crate and you can block off a large crate for a puppy.

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