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What’s the Ikea Dog Crate Hack?

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You may create a custom dog crate that doesn’t cost the earth by taking a basic flat-packed piece of furniture and transforming it into something more fascinating and daring. The majority of Ikea hacks are quick, and easy to do, making them the perfect weekend project. However, some Ikea hacks do require a bit more creative know-how. Keep reading to know all the details about the Ikea dog crate hack.

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How to Ikea Hack Your Dog Crate?

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If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a brand-new crate for your dog, you may cleverly repurpose an inexpensive piece of furniture, that was no longer useful, into something unique for your pet. The straightforward IKEA items may be customized and upcycled into one-of-a-kind dog crates for your dog. The directions to make a dog crate using L-brackets and some screws are as follows.

NOTE: You can use the crate as a table if you have a space issue and want to take out its best possible use.

  • On the crate, place the tabletop and firmly position it. The L-brackets should be slid up against the crate’s edges.
  • Use four brackets on the sides.
  • Mark the places of the brackets using a pencil. This step needs proper care.
  • Take off the tabletop and set it upside-down on a soft surface.
  • Place the L-brackets as indicated by the pencil marks, making sure they are “hugging inward” before tightening the screws.
  • To make mounting the rubber gaskets simpler, use countersunk screws whenever possible.
  • Verify that your screws aren’t too long to avoid the possibility that they’ll completely penetrate the tabletop.
  • Use nitrile gloves to avoid your hands from gluing.
  • As an alternative, you might secure the tabletop by screwing wood trim pieces under it. The wood would most likely be more noticeable once it is fitted in that instance, so you could wish to stain it to match the tabletop.

Other Ikea Dog Hacks

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Dog Crates are not the only IKEA hacks. You can make various other creative things for your pet, especially dogs. Some of the things that you can create using IKEA hacks are discussed below.

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Eating Station using FAKTUM Cabinet

Beagle eating from a metal dog bowl on the floor

This hack is a life saver for you if your dog is a messy water drinker or likes to spread the food while eating. You can make this using a FAKTUM cabinet. The good thing about this is that it’s not costly. Moreover, it is visually appealing and easy to clean as well.

You only need a FAKTUM cabinet, rubber tape, and two dog bowls. You may also need two wheels in case you want to make it mobile. Read on for detailed instructions to make this effective eating station.

  • Assemble the FAKTUM Cabinet.
  • The hinges should be pointing down when you turn it on its side.
  • Make two holes that are the same size as your dog bowls. There is no chance of a mistake while making holes because the bowl will not be able to fix if the hole is not properly made.
  • Around the tops of the holes, apply the rubber tape, so that the bowls stick to them firmly.
  • To make moving the box easier, add wheels.
  • And there you have it, The clean dog feeding station.

Dog Steps using KNAGGLIG Boxes

4 wooden crates isolated on a white background

Is your puppy having trouble getting onto the couch and cuddling with you? Are you thinking about what to do? This IKEA hack is for you, then. This hack is not costly, which is the good thing about it. You can make it easy with relevant tools. You will need three KNAGGLIG boxes, fabric, a staple gun with staples, and glue. Follow the given instructions to make these steps for your puppy.

  • Cut the cloth into two rectangles. Make sure they are big enough to cover the Knagglig box’s base and have enough overhang.
  • Put together each Knagglig box. On two of the three boxes, do not, however, attach the bases.
  • Wrap the remaining bases with the previously cut cloth. Your dog will use the flat side as a stair.
  • To finish the box, glue the wrapped box bases into position.
  • Using the glue, adhere to a box with fabric on top of a box without fabric. Make sure that the fabric is thick enough to not hurt your puppy’s little paws.
  • Last but not least, secure the two actions with strong glue and let dry overnight. Your dog’s steps are finished.

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Dog Ramp IKEA Hack for Dog Bed

Dachshund looking over the edge of a bed

You have bought a king-size bed for your dog, and now he is unable to get into it. Try this hack to make a dog ramp for your dog by following the instructions given below. You will need a prant box, Trygve shelves, Borris rug, hinges, hook and loop tape, glue, and scissors.

  • Put the Prant box together.
  • Modify one of the Tryggve shelves to match the box’s height. You may rejoin the shelf piece you cut by using a hinge. So that the tiny bit of shelf will stick to the box, fix it.
  • The two pieces of Borris carpet should be cut in half so that they will fit the top of the box as well as the length of the ramp. Use the household adhesive to secure the carpet to the box’s top and the dog ramp.
  • Till everything is dry, the carpet and adhesive both smell bad. Therefore, until the stench goes away, don’t try to teach your dog how to use the dog ramp for the bed.

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