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How to Make a No Sew Dog Bandana

Jack Russell Terrier on a purple background with the title "How to Make a No Sew Dog Bandana"

How to Make Dog Bandanas? Click here to learn more.

Dog bandanas can be a fun way to style your dog and in some cases bring much needed attention to them. Have a shelter dog that needs adopting? Add a really cute bandana to attract attention. Need to dress your dog for the holidays? That perfect holiday print can be made into an adorable and easy bandana. Here is how.

No Sew Over the Collar Dog Bandana

Yield: 1 Over the collar dog bandana

No Sew Over the Collar Dog Bandana

No Sew Over the Collar Dog Bandana

This bandana couldn't be easier. With just some fabric, scissors, and glue, you can have a festive dog bandana made for your pup in no time.


  • Fabric
  • Fabric Glue


  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Dog collar
  • Iron


Some Final Words

The trick to no sew is a good fabric glue that won’t come undone when it is dried. Just about any easy sew pattern can be made into a no sew with the right glue. With some beautiful fabrics and the right glue, you can make your pups a different bandana for every occasion.

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