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How to Make Braided Dog Toys

Jack Russell Terrier running on beach with rope toy in mouth

Let’s face it; dog toys are expensive. Sometimes we buy them and they either break or they lose interest in them. Very frustrating and costly to say the least. But what if you could get rid of the nonsense of searching for good dog toys, and learn how to make braided dog toys? Well, that is what we are going to do here.

Dog toys made from fabric can be quite easy to make, inexpensive and put a lot of unused fabric to good use. So, let’s do it.

Easiest Dog Toy to Make

Fleece can be a great fabric to make a braided dog toy with. It can be sturdy and stretch when playing with it, and you can wash it when it starts to get a little funky with dirt and dog drool. Maybe you have some old fleece pajamas lying around the house which you have not worn in a while. Or maybe a fleece blanket which is just collecting dust in the attic. If so, they would make a great braided dog toy for your little best friend. And best of all, this shouldn’t take more than two minutes to make.

  • Check out the materials and instructions needed below the video.


  • Scissors
  • Fleece material


  1. Take your scissors and cut three equal size strips of the fabric of your choice.
    • Recommended width: 4 inches is recommended. (too narrow and they will be too weak)
    • Recommended length: 26 inches.
      • Size depends on dog size and how long of a toy you want. The length is just recommendation, however making them longer is always better. If it is too long, you can always cut the ends to make them shorter.
  2. Lay the three strips together and bunch the bottom end up.
  3. Tie the top into a knot a few inches up, so that you have a nice ball.
  4. Braid the three fabrics strips.
  5. Six inches from the top, pull the materials tight.
  6. Tie end in a knot to close it up.
  7. Make sure to pull it tight so that it is not loose.

DIY Fleece Dog Toy with Tennis Ball

As I said earlier, fleece can be great to make dog toys with. The material is flexible, somewhat durable and easy to wash. Now, combine that with a tennis ball and you have a great toy.

  • Check out the materials and instructions needed below the video.

Materials needed:

  • Tennis ball
  • Two different color pilling fleece strips measuring four inches wide and four feet long. To make it simple, let’s just say we are going to use two strips; one blue and the other yellow.
  • exacto knife
  • scissors


  1. Cut four slits about in the tennis ball.
    • Each slit should be 1/2 inch in size.
    • The slits should be cut opposite of each other, in north, south, east and west positions on the ball.
      • Be very careful not to cut your hand by slicing the ball. A simple push into the tennis ball with moderate strength should be sufficient.
  2. Fold the blue fleece in half.
  3. Stick blue fleece on the edge of the scissors and gently push the scissors through one of the slits to the other side of the ball.
  4. Remove the scissors while holding onto the blue fleece. You want to make sure the fleece does not go back into the tennis ball with the scissors.
  5. Pull the blue fleece out to where it is the same length on both sides of the ball.
  6. Repeat instructions 2~5 for the other two sides of the ball using the yellow fleece. You should have four strips of fleece of equal lengths hanging out of the ball.
  7. Put ball between your legs to create the weave function. Let’s say the yellow feese will be running east and west on your lap and the blue one, north and south.
  8. Cross the two yellow feece on themselves from east to west.
  9. Take the blue fleece running north to south and place it over one of the yellow strips and under the other one and pull it through nice and tight.
  10. Do the same thing with the other blue fleece and make sure to pull it tight.
  11. Perform this weave over and over again until you have a nice long rope which you can use to pull on as your dog pulls on the tennis ball.

Now, you have a great Fleece dog toy with a tennis ball toy for you and your dog to play with together.

How to Make a Square Knot Fleece Tug Toy

A square knot is very easy to tie, and can really come in handy for making a tug toy made from fleece. As this Girl Scout will show you in the video, it only takes a couple of minutes to make. You can also use denim if you do not have fleece.

  • Check out the materials and instructions needed below the video.

Materials needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • Four strips of fleece, four feet long by two inches wide.
  • Scissors
  • Table


  1. Lay the strips out on the table and tie one end into a knot, like you did in the ‘Easiest Dog Toy to Make.’
  2. Lay the strips out on the table like a plus sign with the knot in the middle. One strip should be pointing north, another south, etc.
  3. Take strips across from each other and loop them to the opposite side. Be sure to hold on two both loops with your thumb. This is very important!
  4. With the two horizontal pieces left, cross one over the remaining fabric of the loop on one side and to the opposing loop and pull through.
  5. Repeat step four on the other side.
  6. Pull on all four strips until you make a square.
  7. Repeat steps 3~6 to over and over until you have a nice long chain.

This toy should not take very long to make.

The Bottom Line

Braided dog toys can be easy to make and inexpensive, just by using unneeded material that may be going to waste. Because fleece has many good qualities it is the perfect material to make a dog toy.

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