DIY Rope Toys for Focused Chewers

Cotton rope for dog toy

Diesel was the dog next door when I lived in the Midwest. He was a magnificent golden retriever with a beautiful feathered tail.

He would have LOVED this DIY rope toy.

Help! My Dog is a Super Chewer!

If you have a dog that has a strong jaw, like a Pit Bull or English Bulldog, then this is the rope toy for you to make.

This particular DIY is a little more advanced, but it’s fun to make and your dog will get hours and hours of chewing fun out of them!

And when these heavy duty rope toys finally do wear out, it won’t cost much to replace them.

What Type of Rope to Use for Dog Toys

It’s always best to use a rope made out of natural fibers for your dog toys. Because as they ingest them (and they will) they will pass through their system easily.

I like this triple strand rope that you can find on Amazon that comes in tons of colors. It’s natural twisted cotton and made in the USA.

How to Make Heavy Duty Dog Toys for Chewers

There are a lot of ways to make heavy duty dog toys that stand up to chewing.  One of my other favorites ways is using denim for dog toys.

I particularly like braided denim dog toys – especially ones that are no sew.

But denim dog toys aren’t QUITE as durable as a rope toy. Especially a knotted rope toy like this.

Here’s how to make your rope toy – complete with the diagram to follow. Please feel free to print it out!

DIY Rope Dog Toy Instructions

DIY Rope Toys for Focused Chewers

Here are the detailed instructions for putting together an inexpensive and durable rope toy for your dog. If you want to get really fun, pick the color of your favorite sports team from the rope source above.


  • Two equal lengths of rope no shorter than 5′ each length (diameter of the rope , 1/4″ for small dogs or 3/8″ for large dogs)


  1. Find the middle of each length of rope by folding the rope in half and lining up the cut ends.
  2. Cross each rope at a right angle to other rope, then use a small zip tie to secure to the two lengths together at the centers.
  3. Lay crossed ropes over fisted hand with thumb extended.
  4. Loop first rope around thumb and over the second rope, using your thumb to hold the first rope in place.
  5. Loop second rope over first rope and go over rope three, using your thumb to hold in place.
  6. Now loop the third rope over second rope and go over forth rope, use your thumb to hold the third rope in place.
  7. Loop fourth rope over third rope and then insert fourth rope into loop created by first rope.
  8. Tighten each rope by pulling the tail of each rope.
  9. Pull all ropes tight until a small four section knot is created.
  10. Trim off zip tie tail, and place knot with zip tie side facing up.
  11. Repeat steps 3- 9 until only short lengths of rope remain.
  12. Continue to tighten up all ropes pulling together to form a four section tight knot.
  13. To tuck in the tails, insert hemostats or needle nose pliers into knot grabbing one rope tail and pulling it threw knot.
  14. After tucking all of the tails, trim back all rope tails.
  15. Push back outside braided cover on the exposed tails to expose central core and trim away to reveal leaving only the outer nylon cover.
  16. Melt the exposed nylon rope and push back with the side of lighter.
  17. From two 5′ lengths of rope, you’ll get a finished toy of about 6″ – 7″.

The Bottom Line on Heavy Duty Dog Toys for Chewers

If you have a heavy chewer, this rope toy is likely to work well and I encourage you to give it a try. I’ve gotten really good feedback on this craft.

There are also lots of commercial options for heavy chewers. One of the ones I like the best is this interactive toy you can find on Amazon.

If you do have a dog who is a power chewer, it’s a very good idea to keep her engaged with toys she likes. It will help keep her happy and out of trouble.

For more DIY Puppy Love, check out DIY Pet Storage Station and my monkey fist dog toy instructions.

And if you want a really in depth project, check out how to make dog kennels under the stairs.

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