Rope Ball Dog Toy – Monkey Knot Explosion!

Bundle of red, white, and blue rope on a white background

It’s a new and improved Rope Ball Toy!

A couple weeks ago, I introduced this Rope Ball Surprise that used the Monkey Knot.

This version is a little more advanced.

It has this great “hands” that come out of the ball and give your dog more handles for the ball.

This will be so much fun for chewers!

Plus, it has the advantage of giving you places to grab on when trying to tug it from your pup to throw it!

Rope Ball Dog Toy – Monkey Knot Explosion!



  1. The 4m bit makes the monkey’s fist and the other 4 smaller bits make the tails.
  2. Take one tail and thread it through the gap in the monkey’s fist, at each join there is a gap and in the whole knot, there are 8 in total. Each tail goes in a gap and diagonally out of the opposite gap.
  3. Do this with all 4 tails so that there are 8 loose ends in total.
  4. Tighten the Monkeys Fist around it and add stopper knots, although the tails aren’t actually secured to the fist they don’t come out easily, and if they start to slide the stopper knots prevent it falling completely out.

If you have any trouble with creating the Monkey’s Paw Knot, you can check out a video we attached to the post for the Rope Ball Surprise.

Hope you and your dog have tons of fun with these toys!

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Red monkey fist knot ball with ends untucked


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