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What Do I Do with My Yorkie While at Work?

Yorkie puppy wearing a blue bandana

It is an age-old problem. When you live overseas, the people in some countries just do not worry about this problem. They just let their dogs out and let them stay out till they come home. This is not a good way to raise a dog.

There are better options for your treasured pet. You can buy another dog and let the two keep each other company until you return. This will help stave off separation anxiety and help your pet to avoid developing destructive habits.

There are other options if you cannot afford to house and feed another dog.

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9 Things to Do With My Yorkie While I Am At Work?

Fortunately, there are many answers to this problem, and one of them should fit your lifestyle and budget. Yorkies need a lot of attention and can develop separation anxiety if they are alone for too long. Here are some solutions for you to choose between:

Get Another Yorkie

several Yorkie's sitting on a couch

Having a second dog around the house goes a long way in helping your pet not get lonely or develop bad habits, or even separation anxiety. The extra dog around the house can be an added level of protection as it does not have to be a Yorkie that you buy.

Get Help from Family & Friends

You can always hire family members or your friends to be dog sitters for the day. This will help keep your little Yorkie company and help them avoid becoming afraid of loud noises and other activities outside your home.

As long as your friends and family members are willing, this is a good option to use. Plus, if you get enough involved, they may only have to do this task once a week.

Enlist Your Neighbors

Girl hugging a Yorkie

If they are dog lovers and you know them well, this may be a good option. You can have your neighbors stay at your home or drop your pet off at theirs. This is something you will have to arrange with them.

Also, you will need to negotiate a nice fee for the inconvenience your neighbors may experience when they are helping you.

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Hire A Puppy Sitter

This is similar to enlisting your neighbors and friends, etc. Except, this is more of a professional arrangement, and their fee may be higher than what the others would charge.

There are a lot of professional dog sitters in the city, but when you live in the country, this may not be a great option to employ.

Yorkie with its tongue stuck out standing outdoors in grass

Take Your Pet to Doggy Daycare

Another expensive option, but your dog will learn how to socialize better when put in this situation. It is a great way for your pet to have fun, get exercise and be ready for when you come home.

The drawback to this option is that the owners of the other dogs may not have vaccinated their pets, and your dog could get sick while interacting with his or her new friends.

Walk Them in The Morning

Another good option is this will give your pet the exercise they need. Plus, it will also tire them out, so they do not have the energy to get into mischief while you are away.

Turn On the T.V. Or Radio

Yorkie with its head tilted to one side sitting on hardwood floors

Another good option is the voices on your set or radio will keep your pet company. Plus, the music helps them to relax and enjoy their day. The good thing is you do not have to turn the TV or radio up to high either.

Your pet’s ears will pick up the sounds, and you won’t run the risk of disturbing your neighbors.

Give Your Dog Some Treats

You can do this after you exercise your pet and when you turn the t.v. or radio on. This lets them know you still love them even as you are walking out the door.

Also, you can turn your absence into game time for your pet and hide those treats in different places around your home. This treasure hunt should keep them busy for a little while, at least.

Give Them an Interactive Toy

Yorkie with its tongue stuck out laying under a white comforter.

These toys will keep your dog occupied for a long time. Chew toys, squeakers, ropes, and other interactive toys help stimulate their minds and keep them from thinking about destructive things they can do in revenge.

Some Final Words

Not owning a dog because you have to work is not an excuse anymore. There are lots of good options available that you can use to keep your dog entertained, have companionship, or just have fun.

Pick the best ones for you and your pet, and that way, you do not have to come home to an empty house after work.

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