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Can Yorkie Poos Stay Home Alone?

Yorkipoo outdoors in a city park

It is understandable, even though your dog may not understand why you are going or when you will be home. It can be tough on both the pet and owner when you are going to be away for long periods of time throughout the day.

Yorkies are like other dog breeds in that they can stay home alone. However, your absence should not be greater than 3 to 4 hours at a time. After that, you may come home to a dog that is not as happy as when you left in the morning.

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Can Yorkies Be Left Home Alone?

Yes, they can, and if your absence is short enough, they may enjoy some of that me time. But some people say that you should not be gone longer than three hours, while other experts extend that time to 4 hours.

It will be up to you, in the end, how much time your dog will stay at home by itself. Gauge your lifestyle carefully, as work is not going to be the only time you will leave your pet home alone.

What Happens When Your Yorkie Poo Is Home Alone

Yorkipoo sitting on hardwood floors

Usually, nothing will happen if you do not go past those 3 to 4-hour time periods. Your dog should get used to those and be happy when you return. The problem is going to come in when you leave them home alone for longer than 8 hours.

When you do this on a regular basis, then you may see a change in your pet. They may become depressed and not be so happy go lucky while they are at home.

Or they may change their eating and sleeping habits. Or you may find that they have become afraid of loud noises, start to dig a lot, or start to chew on some things you would prefer they left alone.

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Some Solutions to Being Home Alone

Close up side view of a Yorkipoos face

You may not be able to change your work schedule, but there are some things you can do to help give your Yorkie Poo some company during those long absences.

1. Take Them to Doggy Daycare– That way they will have company and make friends while you are away.

2. Get A Second Dog– With a companion around, your Yorkie Poo won’t feel so bad and should have fun while you are out.

3. Visit During Your Lunch Break– This helps a lot and makes sure your dog knows they are not being abandoned.

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Some Final Words

yorkipoo laying on a couch

Adjusting your schedule may not be the best solution when you own a Yorkie Poo or another dog breed. You do have options available that should work out and keep your dog mentally healthy.

While it is okay to leave your Yorkie Poo home alone, it is best to find something to keep them company while you are gone.

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