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What Problems Do Yorkie Poos Have?

Yorkipoo standing on a fallen tree outdoors

Yorkie Poos are generally healthy dogs. That is one of the great aspects of this mixed dog breed. Its puppies are generally nice and healthy. They should live between 10 and 16 years of age if all goes well.

However, these dogs can carry one or more of the genetic defects both Yorkies and Poodles have in their purebred bloodlines. Some of the results of those defects can lead to Epilepsy, Hyperadrenocorticism, Legg-Calve-Perthes Patellar Luxation, Periodontal Disease, or Hyperadrenocorticism.

Not every Yorkie Poo will contract any one of these diseases but it is a possibility.

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Are Yorkie Poos Low Maintenance?

It may surprise you to find out that despite their energy and large personalities, Yorkie Poos are low-maintenance dogs. About the only high-maintenance part of their lives is when they are puppies.

That is the time when they have little to no bladder or bowel control. It takes a lot of work and patience to see them through that period. When they are older, Yorkie Poos do not eat a lot of food, but they do sleep a lot.

Plus, they only need about 30 minutes of exercise a day. That can be done indoors when you do not feel like going outside. On top of all that, they are very intelligent dogs that learn their schedule very quickly.

Then this mixed dog breed does not shed a lot. They may shed a little during shedding seasons, but they do not have a lot of fur to fall off. If you brush them regularly and cut their fur down to a puppy cut then there is little loose fur left to shed.

Those little hairs may be too small to see once they hit the floor.

Do Yorkie Poos Have Hip Problems?

Portrait of a Yorkipoo standing in Autumn leaves looking up at the camera overhead

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They can contract hip dysplasia but this is an ailment that develops over time. It does not happen all of a sudden but through a series of events that simply builds up until it presents itself.

While this disease is found more in larger dog breeds, it can be found in Yorkie Poos as well as other small dog breeds including Yorkies. This ailment comes about when the normal tissue healing process is delayed.

When it is delayed, the joint may degrade and not be able to handle the body weight of the dog. While Yorkie Poos are quite light, their legs are only strong enough to handle their normal weight.

As the joint degrades your dog can lose cartilage and feel pain and inflammation. This self-feeding cycle only gets worse. The more the joint degrades the more harm it causes the dog’s body.

During this cycle, osteoarthritis can develop making your dog’s waking ability more impaired. To help fight this ailment, you can feed your dog a dog food that has minerals, etc., in it to limit excessive bone growth.

Also, you should keep your Yorkie poo on its 30-minute exercise schedule to help protect their joints.

What Are the Pros and Cons of A Yorkie Poo?

Yorkipoo laying outdoors

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Every dog breed has good and bad points. The Yorkie Poo is no exception. The good points though should outweigh and overshadow any negative aspects you may think this dog breed has.


  • They are the perfect pet for city life
  • They can fit into small homes and apartments with ease
  • This dog breed is hypoallergenic
  • They are very loyal and affectionate, plus they do not eat much
  • They do not have to go outside to get their exercise
  • Their intelligence makes them easier to train
  • They are very cute and adorable
  • They can be good with families with small children


  • They can be fragile. It is hard to pick them up due to this problem
  • They can be stubborn but not as stubborn as a purebred Yorkie
  • It is possible that they bark too much but that depends on training
  • This dog breed needs lots of grooming time even though they do not shed a lot
  • May suffer from small dog syndrome
  • This dog breed can be very expensive, though not as expensive as a purebred Yorkie or Toy Poodle

Some Final Words

Yorkipoo sitting outdoors

All dogs have problems, and the Yorkie Poo will not be an exception to that rule. To help avoid some of those problems, check the history of the dog’s parents and grandparents. A good heritage sometimes indicates fewer health issues to deal with.

But do not let the possibility of problems stop you from getting a Yorkie Poo. They are great dogs and make excellent family pets.

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