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Girl Yorkie Names

2 female Yorkies outdoors with bows in their hair

What is in a name? To be honest, a lot. Pick the wrong name, and the dog or person having that name can be embarrassed for the rest of their lives. Or your Yorkie is stuck with a puppy name even though they are adult dogs now.

There is a lot to naming your puppy, and you should take the time to find the right name for your pet. After all, you do not want to be embarrassed calling for your dog in a public place like the beach.

Even if your dog was given its name by the breeder, you bought him or her from, you can always change it to something you like. Also, do not choose a name that is longer than 2 syllables. Keep it easy enough for your pet to learn.

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Cute Female Yorkie Names

Yorkie with a ponytail in the top of its head outdoors

1. Athena– This is a Greek goddess who was associated with wisdom. Your dog may be wise beyond its years and this name will reflect that trait.

2. Rebel– Everyone knows what rebel means and this may be the perfect fit if your Yorkie is on the stubborn side of the dog breed.

3. Tiptoe– Another great name after a dog trait. It may seem like your dog tiptoes around the house even though it is walking on all of its paws. This is a great name for a Yorkie that is very quiet when they walk.

4. Cupcake– This is a delicious dessert that always looks good. Yorkies are very good-looking dogs, and this name helps emphasize their good looks.

5. Rascal– Always getting into mischief and that is a good way to describe your Yorkie when they like to do things you disprove of.

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Yorkie wearing a pink dress with a red bow in her hair

6. Angel– Yorkies can have a very angelic look to them. They are also very loyal and affectionate which gives them angelic-like qualities.

7. Diamond- This precious stone is very valuable and gives the impression to your friends that your Yorkie is very precious and valuable to you

8. Rose– Just about everyone loves the way the variety of roses looks. You can describe your dog’s beauty by giving her this label. She may even smell as nice as a rose

9. Ruby– Like the diamond this precious stone is extremely valuable. Giving your Yorkie this name lets everyone know how valuable a dog your Yorkie is.

10. Pixie– This is n imaginary small character that can be cute with its behavior. A perfect name for your small dog that also displays cute behavior when you play with it.

Unique Female Yorkie Names

Yorkie laying in a bed of pink flowers

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1. Smudge– This word means a little dirt that is placed on an appliance, piece of clothing, etc., It is the perfect name when your dog has a smudge of color on it somewhere.

2. Boots– Not very unique but it does describe the unique color your Yorkie has on its paws.

3. Bon Bon– French for sweet candy or chocolate. A perfect name for the Yorkie who has a very sweet demeanor.

4. Cherry– It describes the red-colored fruit that is healthy for you. The Yorkie is a big contributor to your health when you play with it or take it out for a walk.

5. Cadbury– The brand name of a chocolate bar. But a perfect fit for your sweet and good-natured Yorkie.

6. Eagle– Yorkies are very alert just like an eagle is. They know when something is amiss or when a stranger is getting near you. Their eagle eyes and ears can send you a quick warning to be on the alert as well

Yorkie standing on a boulder in a tutu and with a bow in her hair

7. Belle– Borrowed from the beautiful southern belles that populate the American south. Your Yorkie is a beautiful dog that warrants wearing this name.

8. Dash– This means to run quickly for a short distance. It describes how your little Yorkie runs around the house. They dash from here to there and back again.

9. Livewire– Another descriptive name that pinpoints your dog’s personality. They are a live wire which means they are very active all the time.

10. Champagne– Is the highest quality of wine you can buy and the Yorkie is one of the highest quality dog breeds you can buy.

Some Final Words

Portrait of a yorkie with a red bow in her hair

Placing the right name on your pet is a reflection of you. It shows how much you love and respect your dog when you give it a classy or great name. A bad name shows how little you love your pet or do not care about it.

Pick the best name for your dog so both you and she can be seen in a great light.

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