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Exotic Yorkie Names

2 Yorkie puppies in a basket outdoors

Yorkies may look and act the same to some extent, and that may influence you to find a unique name for your new pet. This is not always easy to do as there are so many names used by every other Yorkie owner.

Finding and using an exotic name for your little pet may not be so easy, but once you do, at least they will stand out from the crowd. Here are some exotic names you can look through and see which ones match up with your little Yorkie pet.

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Exotic Yorkie Names

portrait of a Yorkie outdoors standing on hind legs with its tongue stuck out


This is Japanese for beautiful, and many Yorkie owners think their dog is beautiful.


This is Filipino for beautiful or pretty. It matches many Yorkie dogs.


In Hebrew, this means lion, and many Yorkies have the heart and personality of a lion. Just not the size.


Yorkies have very bright minds and personalities which is exactly what this name means.


This is Malaysian for jaguar. It may not fit your Yorkie, but no one needs to know its meaning.

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Head shot portrait of a Yorkie outdoors


From the old English language, which means blessing. Many Yorkies are seen as a blessing to their masters.


This word originates from the ancient Greek language. It means independent, and many Yorkies display an independent personality.


In the land of Turkey, this word simply means moonlight. The moon shines in the darkness, and a good Yorkie can shine in your life.

2 Yorkie puppies outdoors sitting on a wooden surface

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A Scandinavian term that means something pure. The Yorkie certainly shows pure love to its master.


Yorkies can be very brave and make great watchdogs. They are considered to be a small protector. This word means protector in Dutch.


Many Yorkies can be very nice to those around them. This Hindi word reflects that behavior and reminds everyone of how kind your pet is.


This is a name for male Yorkies as it means pleasant man in Hebrew. Hopefully, your male Yorkie is pleasant when you give it this name.

A yorkie standing outdoors in grass


Keeping it close to home as this native American word and name for a Sioux tribe means simply a friend. Your Yorkie is a friend to you and your family.


If your Yorkie comes out with a little red hair on it, this is the perfect name for him or her. It means ‘red’. It might make a great name for a Yorkie Poo.


This African word means powerful. This may be a nice tribute to your dog, who has a powerful personality and love for its family.


Another great name if your Yorkie or Yorkie Poo has some red hair in its fur. It is Arabic for a red rose. Your dog may be a beautiful rose to you.

Portrait of a Yorkie sitting outdoors with  a red bow in her hair


Short but sweet, and this Chinese term simply refers to your dog as to what he or she really is– a precious treasure.


Close to Suri but another language and a different meaning. This is a Japanese word for beloved. Your Yorkie is certainly beloved by you and your family.


It is not the name of a popular character on NCIS but a beautiful name meaning brilliance or splendor. Most Yorkies add a little brilliance or splendor to your life.


It is more of a female Yorkie name, and its meaning is almost exactly as it sounds. The word means lily and comes from the Icelandic language.

Portrait of a Yorkie in a leaf pile


It is more of a male name, but its meaning will reflect how you feel about your puppy. This word means ‘where the river meets the moon’ and can be very romantic with the right inflections.


Not sure of its language of origin, but it means ‘shepherd. Some Yorkies like to herd their family away from danger or to get it some food.


Yorkies are a very affectionate dog breed, and this word describes that characteristic to a T. It means affectionate, and the word comes from the old Gaelic language.

Close up portrait of a Yorkie's face


In Dutch, this word means spring, and when spring comes, the feeling that life has returned. Yorkies bring life to any family.


A nice simple Burmese word that means ‘sun’. Your Yorkie can shine like the sun when it finds a home with you.

Some Final Words

Portrait of a Yorkie standing outdoors on a boulder while wearing a tutu and a bow in her hair.

It can be fun picking out an exotic name for your new Yorkie puppy. There are many great ones, and this list just brings to light a few of them. If these do not do your Yorkie justice, there are many more out there you can pick from.

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