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Unique Male Yorkie Names

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It’s a vital task. Finding the right name for your new Yorkie puppy can be a little bit difficult. Especially if you want to name them something unique. Being unique is getting harder and harder as more and more Yorkies are born each year.

What follows are some unique names that may or may not be in use today.

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20 Unique Yorkie Names

Portrait of a yorkie puppy

1. Fletcher– More of an English formal male name that not too many Yorkie owners would consider. It gives an air of importance to your pet.

2. Dickens– The name comes from the famous author Charles Dickens.

3. Prince– This is not so unique, but it reflects how you think about your dog and how important he is to you. You can just say he is named after the late pop star Prince.

4. Rockwell– A very solid name that signifies strength and stability. Sometimes your Yorkie can be like a rock in tough situations.

5. Winston– Since the dog is from Yorkshire, it is proper to name him after the famous English Prime Minister Winston Churchill

6. Grayson– A name that implies old money, sophistication, and class. Yorkies are often owned by very sophisticated and classy people and act like it sometimes.

7. Duke– Keep with royalty, as this name is a high honor. It is high praise and signifies that your dog reaches levels few others achieve.

8. Ethan– This name represents old-world charm. It also signifies tradition, which is not a bad thing. Yorkies are from the old world, and this may make them feel at home in your house.

9. Oxford– Another sophisticated name that oozes old-world charm, tradition, as well as class. It also brings to mind top-quality like in education and Oxford College in London.

10. Einstein– A name that implies education, intelligence, and savvy nature. Your Yorkie is all three especially intelligent, and this is a good name to give a smart dog like a Yorkie.

11. Thor– Implies the strength, power, good looks, and an ability that surpasses other dogs. It is an easy name to remember, which makes it easier on your dog.

12. King– This name brings to mind power, wisdom, and intelligence and is also easy to remember. One-syllable names are the best ones to use.

13. Moose– Reflects the big personality your Yorkie is born with. It will surprise your friends when you call out moose, as they will be expecting a large dog to come into the room.

14. Noah– A strong name that is worthy of a Yorkie. It reflects the dog’s leadership ability and has a calming sound to it.

15. Zeus– Like King, Thor, and Moose, this name elevates your dog to a royal level that boasts about its characteristics more than its size.

16. Leo– A famous name of a lion, and Yorkies have the heart of a lion. Just not the body or the temperament. It also gives your dog royal status as he is the king of his domain.

17. Hercules– A man of strength, and for their size, a Yorkie can be very strong when they need to be. They have been known to chase off larger dogs from their property

18. Hulk– Not so much for its size but for his ability to appear larger than he really is. His brave nature makes him like the hulk from the comic books.

19. Fabio– The king of the romantic novel covers. Your Yorkie is as beautiful as that male model and may have better hair.

20. Hamilton– The name implies strength, vitality, intelligence, and more. All the characteristics your little Yorkie has.

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What Not to Name Your Dog

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There are three categories you should not use when naming your male Yorkie:

1. A name that sounds like a command, e.g., May rhymes with stay

2. A puppy’s name. Your Yorkie won’t remain a puppy all of its life. It needs a name he can grow into

3. A ridiculous name that would be embarrassing to shout out in public

If you are looking for unique names, look to your region to give you ideas or places you have been and other inspiration options.

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Some Final Names

Portrait of a Yorkie wrapped in a comforter

When you name your new Yorkie, you do want the name to be something special and not run of the mill. These 20 names should get you started thinking in the right manner and help you come up with some of your own.

Just don’t be cute and give your dog a name like Chandel when your last name is Lear.

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