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Yorkie Vs Yorkie Poo

Tan Yorkipoo standing in grass

They are cute and adorable. No matter their breed, both the Yorkshire terrier and the Yorkie Poo have some wonderful characteristics that make them great dogs to own.

When you get a Yorkie Poo, you are also getting a mix that adds in a very intelligent dog breed, the Poodle. While the Yorkie is very intelligent, adding in more intelligence can only make the dog better.

What helps when you opt for the Yorkie Poo is that their size is a little bigger than the standard Yorkie. That means you do not have to be so careful when picking them up and holding the dog. They are a bit stronger and not as fragile as the Yorkie tends to be.

While it is only the Toy Poodle that is bred with the Yorkie, that Toy Poodle brings with it its extra size and strength to match the Yorkie’s strong personality.

To tell if you are getting a Yorkie or a Yorkie Poo when you are at the pet shop is to look at their coat. The Yorkie will have long silkie hair, while the Yorkie Poo may have straight hair or it may have curly hair, or they may have wavy fur.

The fact that neither dog breed sheds a lot means that even the Yorkie Poo can be considered like a Yorkie and be categorized as hypoallergenic. This is one facet that both dog breeds excel in and makes them both very popular dog breeds to own.

If you like color in their coat, the Yorkies only come with a combination of 4, blue & gold, blue & tan, black & gold, and black & tan. But the Yorkie Poo has the advantage of the Poodle genes, and they come in a variety of colors.

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Yorkie standing in grass outdoors

This means that the Yorkie Poo can be just about any color as well. These new and old colors express themselves in different ways making the Yorkie Poo even cuter.

Then if you are worried about their looks, Yorkies may seem cuter with their short pointed triangular ears. They start out as floppy ears, but they do not grow very much, and by the 3rd to 6th month, their ears are short, pointed, and triangular in shape.

The Yorkie Poo does not have this cute feature, and their looks are more influenced by the Poodle genes. Their ears will be floppier, especially if the Poodle genes are the dominant genes in the mix.

Sometimes, the Yorkie Poo will have shorter triangular ears, but only if the Yorkie genes are the dominant factor. Because of the Poodle’s dominant genes or their influence, the Yorkie Poo can be twice the size of the Yorkie in both height and weight.

But where the two dog breeds are equal will be in the health department. The Yorkie and Poodle dog breeds are both healthy dog breeds, for the most part. They will inherit their health issues from their parents.

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Yorkipoo laying on  a white blanket

When you combine the two dog breeds, Yorkie Poos will have health influences from both sides of the family tree. Despite the new health issues, both the Yorkie and Yorkie Poos can live between 10 and 16 years of age.

One big difference between these two dogs is their personalities. The Yorkie is known to be intelligent, very loyal, a great family dog, as well as being very affectionate, brave, and alert.

The Yorkie Poo gets their personalities from both branches of their family tree. Not only do they get a lot of those same qualities, but they also like to please their masters and are not as stubborn as purebred Yorkies can be.

Yorkie Poos are also seen as easier to train than Yorkies, but they can be more independent in their thinking than the latter dog breed. These are two great dog breeds to own when you have small children, or you live in small homes or apartments.

Yorkie laying on a white fuzzy blanket against a white background

The overriding factor between these two dog breeds will be their costs. The Yorkie is going to be the most expensive of the two, with their price tag ranging between $1500 to $3000, depending on where you buy it.

The Yorkie Poo’s price is on the low side, starting at about $400 and going up to $1500. Prices may vary over time and where you buy them. Both dogs are very popular, and they make great pets. Your decision may boil down to how much you can afford.

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