Easy & Sturdy Homemade Pooper Scoopers Made w/ Laundry Detergent Bottles

Homemade Pooper Scoopers

I know from a lifetime of experience how yucky the task of picking up dog poop can be. It doesn’t matter if it’s from your yard or while going on a walk, it’s just gross.

Speaking of picking up poop on walks, this gadget from Amazon (almost always under $5) makes dealing with poop on walks SO MUCH easier.

Here’s the thing about dealing with dog poop... It’s gross, most of the pooper scoopers they sell in the store don’t always work all that well, and they’re expensive!

I’ve seen “deluxe” pooper scoopers go for $30 to $40. Sometimes more.

And you know me, I’m frugal. Besides that I like things that WORK.

I have a friend who cannot find commercial pooper scoopers that work effectively for what her dog leaves behind.

None of the scoops she tries to clean up properly for her Saint Bernard mix.

So, I have a great solution to making a pooper scooper that works for big dogs, small dogs, in grass and on rocks. And it’s EASY.

Instructions: DIY Pooper Scooper


  • Two sturdy plastic laundry detergent bottle with lids.
  • Cutting blade: serrated knife, carpet blade, or heavy duty scissors – you’ll need something strong here.
  • Marking pen – a Sharpie works well.
Homemade Pooper Scoopers Instructions


  1. Hold bottle by the handle and draw lines as shown above in section 1.
  2. Cut out the bottle along the lines marked, including the piece along the bottom of the bottle – you don’t want to miss this piece as it creates the “edge” you need.
  3. Trim the remaining edges and round off any sharp corners
  4. Make sure the scooping edge is unbroken
  5. Make a second scoop – because having a backup is important.

Another reason I like Homemade Pooper Scoopers over store-bought

Those store-bought scoops tend to break off at the handle… and always at the worst moment. That’s why I like this detergent bottle one SO much better.

Once you’ve used your pooper scooper then it’s time to get rid of the poo responsibly. 🙂

The Best Way to Dispose of Dog Poop at Home

There are several ways to dispose of dog poop. Some of more environmentally friendly than the others.

What I recommend staying away from is the dog poop bags that are made of standard, non-biodegradable plastic. They just sit in landfills until they are torn up and leave plastic in the environment.

Using Water Soluble Dog Bags to Dispose of Dog Poop

Thankfully, there are now many vegetable based “plastics” on the market. Most of these types of bags biodegrade in just 90 days. So they don’t end up creating more plastic pollution.

I like this Doggy Do Good brand found on Amazon a lot.

If you go this route, then you can just put the dog waste in your trash bin.

The composting option – how to fertilize with dog poop

Another way to deal with dog poop is composting. But you should never use dog poop compost on plants you are growing for food. However you can use it to fertilize your grass or decorative plants if you do it right.

There is a great post here by that explains how to use dog waste in a composter.

Flushable dog poop bags. Can dog poop go in a septic tank?

Unless your septic tank is specifically geared toward handling dog poop, you don’t want to flush it. It’s better to compost or use biodegradable bags.

If you have a municipal water system, then flushing dog poop is safe. And there are bags specifically made for this purpose. They’re called “Flush Puppies” and you can find them on Amazon by clicking here.

For more DIY Puppy Love, check out How to Build a Dog Feeding Station and Cheap and Chic Pet Bed! And if your dog eats poop, I have an article that explains this strange poop eating behavior.

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