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Help! My Dog is Barking at 6 am Every Morning

Man in bed holding out alarm clock to show dog it is 6 am

It can be an alarming situation for any owner if his/her dog is barking at around 6 am. It is quite tricky to determine the cause of this behavior. This is because several medical problems can be responsible or your pooch could well be barking just for attention. Read on to know about the common causes and solutions if your dog is barking every morning at 6 am.

Why is My Dog Barking at 6 am?

The following are some common reasons that can instigate your pooch to bark at 6 am.


Some dog owners have a habit to feed their dogs at 6 am. In this case, your pup will get up early and will bark in excitement for having his/her food. The problem begins when you decide to sleep longer on weekends because your canine companion will be up. A hungry dog will cause a lot of nuisance and this bark won’t stop until he/she gets the food.


Golden retriever running though field of browned tall grass

Exercise is another important reason that can make your pooch bark at 6 am. However, it depends on the age and breed of your dog. Some pups also have a habit of early morning exercise and will get upset if the owner doesn’t provide it. They will show their displeasure with continuous barks. 


This happens when you are continuously giving attention to your dog’s early morning barking. This type of encouraging behavior from the owner can result in some vicious barks. Therefore, you should never reinforce negative behavior.


Just like humans, dogs can also get bored and will bark to let their emotions known to the owner. If you are not giving much time to your pup (for whatever reasons), this type of barking can take place. Canines do it particularly during the night or in the morning because you are more likely to notice them.

Toilet Time

Golden retriever peeing in green grass

Dogs are a creature of habit and will always follow their routine. If your pup has a habit of relieving himself/herself in the early morning, this could be the reason why he/she is barking at 6 am. He/she is just trying to tell you to take him/her to the toilet.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs don’t like to stay alone and the mere idea of being alone can make them anxious. This can make your dog bark at night as well as early in the morning. The possibility of these barks increases many times if your pup sleeps alone.

What Can I Do if My Dog is Barking at 6 am?

White alarm clock that reads 6 o'clock on a wooden table

Some of the solutions that can help you to stop your dog from barking at 6 am are described below.

Make Your Dog Relaxed

This method can work for various causes, like hunger, boredom, or even anxiety. If you want to make your dog comfortable, give him/her some treats half an hour before bedtime. You can also let the dog outside for a toilet break at night to avoid the morning barks.

Likewise, you should provide an ample amount of exercise throughout the day. This will make your dog tired and he/she will sleep peacefully without any stress or discomfort.

Ignore the Dog

Dog sitting on couch next to a woman on her phone

Your dog could howl or bark just to wake you up as he/she wants attention or food. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to correct this inappropriate behavior and ignoring your dog is the best possible solution. When you will not give any response to these barks, your pooch will eventually understand your stance. To make this method more effective, you should provide a treat to your dog if he/she gets quiet.

Appreciate a Non-Barking Dog

Rewarding good behavior is the most important part of every dog training. Most dogs will pause a little bit (while barking) to get any significant response from the owners. That’s the time when you need to reinforce good behavior by offering a treat.

Moreover, you can also use the “good dog” command to appreciate your pup. Continuous repetition of this training will help your dog to realize that staying silent results in a reward.

How to Train My Dog if He/She is Barking Every Morning?

Beagle on bed with head laying down

Some of the trainings that can help you to stop your dog from barking at 6 am are as follows.

Crate Training  

A crate is the ‘safe house’ of your dog where he/she can relax without any worries. You will start by introducing your dog to the crate. Make sure that the crate is placed in a spot where there are fewer distractions.

After that, familiarize your dog with the crate by feeding him/her while he/she is inside it. Let your dog stay in the crate for short periods so that he/she can establish a positive association with it. Likewise, it will also help your canine to counter boredom and separation anxiety when you are not around. This will eventually stop your pooch from barking even if he/she gets up in the morning.

The ‘Quiet’ Command

Woman  in yellow sweater against a light blue wall with her finger held to her lips saying "quiet"

This training is very useful because it allows you to make your dog quiet when he/she is barking. It can be taught conveniently by using a simple word, like quiet, when the dog is barking.

Simply show a treat to your pup while he/she is barking and tell him/her to become “quiet”. If the dog obeys your command, reward him/her with a treat. Repeat the process regularly and your pup will soon learn this useful dog command. Once your dog is trained, you can easily stop him/her from barking at 6 am (or any other time).

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