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9 Dog Breeds with the Loudest Bark

Beagle puppy sitting in grass outdoors

Undue noise is annoying for all of us as it can really turn one’s head around. However, many dog owners become accustomed to all this noise because their pooches love to bark. The amplitude of barks can vary from one breed to another, but the usual range of dog barks is between 85 and 122 decibels. Keep reading to know about some dog breeds with the loudest bark.

American English Coonhound

Close up of an American English Coonhound outdoors

These pups are not to be messed with because they can create some serious fuss. American English Coonhounds are highly energetic and active pooches who can be extremely loud. Their bark is quite heavy, loud, and distinct making them unsuitable for a household without proper training.

Fortunately, they are quite easy to train due to their loving nature and affinity towards companionship. Therefore, Coonhounds can be taught to control their barks through proper training. Furthermore, all their personality characteristics make them efficient hunting and protection canines.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound sitting on concrete next to step

In contrast to their affectionate, friendly, and gentle nature, the bark of Basset hound lies in a completely different ballpark. These hounds have one of the loudest barks that is more reminiscent of a howl. They are known to depict their “howling skills” whenever they are stuck with boredom or loneliness.

Early training is the key in mitigating some of that “unwarranted barking discharges”. This training must be carried on from an early age, otherwise, Basset Hound’s stubbornness in noise-making can be quite problematic. These sweet-tempered pups make loving companions when their voice box is in control.


2 Beagles standing on a bouldger outdoors

Beagles are intelligent, amiable, ever-excited, and determined dogs, but these characteristics cannot depreciate their loud bark. These pooches are extremely popular around the world and so is their loud bark. Mental Floss explains that the name ‘Beagle’ has its origins in the French word “begueule”, which means one having an open throat. 

And Beagles do justify that meaning. Their god-knows-how-much-loud bark can be heard from miles away. However, this does not stop them from being one of the most loved house dogs. Beagles have also been used effectively to hunt rabbits, jackals, and wild pigs. This is because their barks can be controlled through early age training. 


Brown and white Chihuahua standing in grass

Chihuahuas are among the cutest pooches around. However, their loud bark is what makes them special. In addition to their barks being loud, they have the tenacity to bark nonstop.

These courageous canines are highly devoted to their masters, have a sharp mind, and are always alert. You can use special training from an early age to help your pup manage some of the noise. Their higher tendency for barking can be traced to their aggression, which is elicited whenever they feel threatened.

Golden Retriever

Head shot of Golden Retriever outdoors

These canines have been awarded the Guinness World Record for the loudest bark, clocking at 113.1 Decibels. That is much higher than any of the other dogs on this list. Golden Retrievers are among the most beautiful dog breeds and are typically known for their friendly demeanor. However, their bark is what keeps them apart from others.

Although their loud bark can be heard from a distance, they are not known for barking unnecessarily. Through proper training, Golden Retriever can be taught not to bark without any stimulation.

German Shepherd

Head shot of German Shepherd outdoors

German Shepherds are undoubtedly the most loved canines around the world for their intelligence, loyalty, obedience, alertness, and curiosity. However, under that beautiful pelt is hidden one of the strongest and loudest bark. They don the second loudest bark after the Golden Shepherd. This is why

German Shepherds are mostly used as guard dogs by military and law enforcement alike. Boredom is one of the most prominent causes of their barking. Moreover, they have the strongest bite that can cause some serious damage to intruders and criminals. Plus, that loud bark is quite instrumental in alerting any human sentries defending some areas.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer standing on log outdoors

Mini Schnauzers are among the smallest dogs, but their tiny bodies can be quite deceiving. They are one of those dog breeds that have the loudest and strongest barks. Normally, they use their loud barks to alert their masters of any potential danger that is lurking in the shadows.

The constant barking of these canines can be quite disturbing to their owners as well as their neighbors. Therefore, proper early life training is essential to avoid unnecessary barking.

Miniature Pinscher

Head shot of a Miniature Pinscher on a peach colored background

This is another mini pooch whose size can be deceptive. It is an apt example of a dog that “Packs-a-punch”, but their punch is in their loud bark. Mini Pinchers are very playful, friendly, energetic, and responsive pups and are regarded as one of the cutest and loving dogs.

Their barks, albeit being cute, are quite loud when compared with their size. They are overly-alert and treat any inconvenience as utmost danger with their loud barks. Moreover, Pinschers are also notorious for waking their masters up whenever they are deep asleep. Hence, they are a gun that is ready to be fired anytime.

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier outdoors standing in grass

These outgoing and clever pooches are among the best guard dogs. Scottish Terriers have the loudest bark among these breeds. Thanks to their territorial nature, they are very protective of their masters.

These terriers have a loud alarm bell in the form of bark. Scottish Terriers are one of the most effective dog breeds for Canine-protection-units because they are fearless.

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