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Poodle vs. Golden Retriever

Diagonally divided picture with a golden retriever on the left and a poodle on the right with the word versus in the center

Golden Retriever and Poodle are among the most loyal and intelligent breeds. They both make excellent pets for families and have their unique charm. However, there are many significant differences between the Golden Retriever and Poodle. Keep reading to get a detailed comparison between the two breeds.

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a white poodle and a brown poodle sitting side by side on a larger stone outdoors with buildings in the background.

Their name has been derived from the German word “Pudel” which means to “splash in the water”. Poodle is quite an elegant breed that has the reputation of being the most intelligent among all canines.

Poodles come in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. All these canines have a wooly undercoat and wiry topcoat. If their hair growth is not managed regularly, it will form a ropelike cord and the dog is known as a corded poodle.

Golden Retriever

Close up portrait of a Golden Retriever outdoors.

Golden Retriever are beautiful and intelligent breeds that are ranked among the most popular canines in the USA. These active and intelligent pups have sturdy and muscular bodies and make wonderful pets. These are fun-loving, outgoing, trustworthy, and easily trained. However, they have one of the loudest barks ever recorded by a dog breed.

Differences Between Golden Retriever and Poodle

Here are some key differences between these two famous breeds.

CharacteristicsGolden RetrieverPoodle
GroupGun dogCompanion dogs
Lifespan10-12 years12-15 years
Height21-24 inches15-24 inches
Weight55-80 pounds45-70 pounds
BarkingOftenBelow average
Top Running Speed25 mph32 mph
CoatSilky, Wavy, Shiny, StraightCurly
ColorsComes in one color (Golden Light)Comes in multiple colors (Apricot, brown, gray, silver, white, fawn, blue, cream)
Health ProblemBloat, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, cataractsAddison’s Disease, ear dysplasia, optic nerve hypoplasia, patellar luxation

Similarities Between Golden Retriever and Poodle

Both these breeds are popular among dog enthusiasts. They have a fair share of similarities between them. Down below are discussed many similarities between the two breeds: –

Purebred—Both Golden retriever and the poodle are purebreds and have not been derived from any crossbreeding. Hence, they have their unique identity and origin.

Grooming— Golden retriever and poodle require a higher level of maintenance and grooming. Therefore, owners must take good care of their coats to minimize shedding and dander. Golden retriever requires a higher degree of coat maintenance owing to shedding and dander.

Temperament—These cute canines are highly affectionate, alert, and energetic. Moreover, Golden retrievers and poodles are quite intelligent, lively, loving, and loyal. Thanks to their positive attributes, these pups are known for their responsiveness.

Trainability—These pooches are easy to train and can learn a bag of tricks with little training. Hence, their owners will face no difficulty in training these pups according to their desires.

Kids and Pets Friendliness—Both these pups have a friendly nature and can quickly make their place in the family. They are proficient at babysitting and remain comfortable around other pets. In fact, these dogs do not even pose any danger to strangers.

Exercise Needs—These breeds are highly energetic and will require a regular exercising routine. Their owners must take them on a stroll for at least 45 minutes daily. Golden retrievers and poodles are avid runners and hence are more suitable for young owners.

What is Better about Poodle?

Poodle in a field jumping in air to catch a ball

Poodles are known to excel at everything related to dogs. They have an amazing pedigree that makes them adaptive to every situation. These pooches train exceptionally well and are well-liked by their owners. They are quite powerful at non-verbal communication and can easily exhibit their feelings to their masters.

Poodles are nearly hypoallergenic dogs as they do not shed much. They lack an undercoat and their curly topcoat catches most of the loose hair. Hence, less hair and dander are spread throughout your house.Poodles can adjust to smaller houses and love to make a strong bond with their people.

What is better about Golden Retriever?

Golden retriever with a yellow ball in its mouth running towards the camera outdoors in a grass covered field.

Golden Retrievers have a friendly nature and are in turn loved by everyone. Although they are less smart than Poodles, they are still easily trainable and highly adaptable. Hence, they can learn things quickly and can be taught a lot of tricks.

A golden retriever is a family lover who loves to bind with kids, adults, and animals. It seems like they are everyone’s best friends and enjoy playing with others. They face no difficulty in forming a close bond in multi-pet households, irrespective of the species of other pets.

Who Should Get Poodle?

Poodle puppy with an orange spiky ball laying on hardwood floors with a dog bed in the background

Poodle must be owned by those owners who are looking for hypoallergenic breeds. They come in different sizes which can be quite useful for people living in apartments. They are extremely intelligent and very suitable for those owners who are interested in dog sports or competition. You should not go for this breed if you have a hectic routine and you can’t tolerate much barking.

Who Should Get Golden Retriever?

Golden retriever puppy with a baby duck sitting in grass outdoors

Golden retrievers have a great attitude and behavior. They are affectionate with humans and other animals. They are good guard dogs and suitable for those who have a large property to be looked after.

Golden retrievers are family-oriented canines and they have a playful disposition. If you have less space and less time then you should not go for this dog breed because you will not be able to do justice with these canines. Moreover, they shed a lot of hair so they are not suitable for indoors.

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