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Are Poodles Good Family Dogs?

Parents and child looking out of a window while holding a poodle.

Yes, poodles are perfect four-legged family members. They can be an ideal choice for keeping with children due to their patients and loving nature. In addition to that, the intelligence of this breed and varying sizes make them even more convenient. If you are looking for a canine companion, a poodle can meet your desires at the maximum level.

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Why Poodles are Good Family Dogs?

Several reasons can make poodles a good family dog and some of the most important are discussed below.

Friendly Nature – Poodles can be a perfect addition to your household due to their friendliness. According to Poodle Report, they make good relations with human beings and with other animals and enjoy their company.

Hypoallergenic Coats – This is an amazing attribute that makes these canines extraordinary. They shed very little hair, so they are best for those who have allergies. Owing to this feature, 63 million Americans have rated this dog breed at the top.

Energetic and Playful Demeanor – Thesecharacteristics of a pup are the demands of every dog owner. People want to spend quality time with their pets. They enjoy the feats of poodles and long walks due to their energy and good stamina.

Easy to Train – Intelligent dog breeds are always in demand and poodles are at the top of the list. Their immense allows them to learn multiple fun tricks and please their owners.

Lack of Aggression – Poodles make good family dogs because they show very little aggressiveness. Although younger pups can show some belligerence, they can be fixed through proper training and positive reinforcement.

Behave well with Strangers – Poodles are very polite and affectionate and love to socialize. They are so fond of interacting with humans and are very polite even with strangers.

Loyalty – According to Play Bark Run, poodles can be ranked number 1 in terms of loyalty. They claim that miniature Poodles are the world’s most loyal dogs in the entire canine kingdom. This is because they can sacrifice their lives for their owners.

Are Poodles Good with Children?

Little girl holding small poodle while sitting on a couch.

If you have kids at home, you need to consider many factors before adopting a dog. For example, the size of a dog you are adopting and its behavior with children and other pets must be analyzed. Keep reading to know how poodles behave with children and are they safe for your children.

Toy Poodles and Children

These poodles make a good bond with children. However, this interaction can be turned into a bad experience, if the dog is mishandled. World Dog Finder advises that toy poodles must be kept safe from kids’ exertions. They are very sensitive and can react and show aggressiveness to irritating kids.

Miniature Poodles and Children

These poodles showgreat chemistry with kids and are most popular among families with children. They are very playful and get along well with children of all ages. These poodles are famous for entreating their owner. In fact, they are known as the clown of the canine kingdom due to their great sense of humor.

Standard Poodles and Children

2 small boys outdoors with arms around a brown standard poodle.

They are best friends forever of children. Standard poodles have great stamina and patience that allows them to bear with children for quite a while. Thanks to their intelligence, this breed quickly learns new tricks and children love to play with them.

Big Barkers and Children

Some people argue that poodles bark a lot and they are not a good choice for those who have infants. This is true to some extent, but there is always a solution for a problem. We know that poodles are quick learners and can be trained to stay quiet.

Important Traits and Characteristics of Poodles

The following table covers some of the main features of poodles.

Height10 inches (toy) 10-15 inches (miniature) 15-25 inches (standard)
Weight5-10 pounds (toy) 15-20 pounds (miniature) 40-60 pounds (standard)
FeaturesLong face and floppy ears
Exercise RequirementsLess than 40 minutes
Energy LevelVery energetic
Tendency to SocializeHigh
ColorsWhite, black, silver, brown, and apricot
CoatLong and curly
Grooming NeedsHigh
Life Expectancy10-14 years

Other than these features, the following are some essential traits that you must consider before adopting a poodle.


Poodles are famous for their intelligence and love to learn new things. The friendly nature of these fun-loving dogs makes them demandable and they socialize easily.

However, smaller poodles (toy) can sometimes show aggressiveness owing to their sensitive nature. Fortunately, proper training can fix this issue. They should not give a lot of treats because they can be fat easily. This will affect their daily life activity.

Hunting Dogs

The Smart Canine tells us that Poodles were originally bred to be retrieving and hunting dogs. Although Standard poodles are great hunting companions and mini and toy poodles are lap dogs. They bark a lot and they are great skippers too. Their owner must have high fences to secure them in the yards. They can easily jump over small fences.

Health Issues

Small white poodle on a vet's table wearing a stethoscope while a man in the background writes a note

Poodles are usually healthy but can suffer from some specific disorders. According to Neater Pets, the smaller poodles are more prone to orthopedic problems. For instance, their knee caps dislocate and this is known as luxating patella. Standard poodles may suffer from bloating and gastric issues. In these cases, you will be needing a professional vet so he/she can give you a better piece of advice.

Grooming and Training

These non-shedding canines need regular grooming. Their curly coats need to be brushed daily so they can look as good and healthy.

They are easy to train and most of the people get them for this reason. People take poodles as a good family dog because they do well with children. However, you must teach your children proper manners to deal with a dog if you go for miniature or toy poodles.

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