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When Does a Toy Poodle Stop Growing?

Brown toy poodle laying on fur rug with a grey background.

Toy poodles stop growing at about 6-7 months. However, they will continue to fill out and gain weight after reaching their full height. This can carry on until 9-12 months of age.

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How Big is a Toy Poodle When it Stops Growing?

A fully-grown toy poodle will stand no longer than 10 inches (from the shoulder) and will weigh around 6-9 pounds. When toy poodles reach their full height (6-7 months of age), they don’t have their full weight. They usually gain more weight after that to reach their full size.

Growth Milestone for Toy Poodles

4 weeks               4-51-3
8 weeks61.5-4
12 weeks71.9-4.5
16 weeks82.5-6
24 weeks103-8
48 weeks104-9

Factors Affecting the Growth of a Toy Poodle

The following are some factors that are important for the healthy growth of your poodle puppy.


The genetic buildup of dogs plays an important role in their growth. For this reason, it’s very helpful to know about the parents or the grandparents of your poodle. This information will help you to determine (or estimate) the actual size and weight of your pet.


Orange bowl of dog food isolate on a white background with pieces of dog food spilled around the bowl

A high-quality, palatable diet is necessary to keep your poodle healthy. Similarly, proper nutrition is essential for keeping the coat curly, lush, and soft. During their first year of life, young poodles thrive on dog food labeled for puppies. These commercial foods contain the right percentage of proteins and fats that are needed for their growth.

On the other hand, adult poodles (which are less than 8 years old) require a much more balanced diet with more carbohydrates and fewer fats and protein.

Physical Activity and Health

A proper exercise routine not only keeps your poodle calm but also boosts his/her health. It helps you to keep your pups fit (optimal weight) and increases their muscle and bone strength. Likewise, exercise also helps to prevent certain diseases, such as diabetes.

Physical activity can also improve the behavioral and social health of poodles. For example, exercise can eliminate (or reduce) aggression, destructive behavior, and attention-seeking habits.

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