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What is a Poodle Puppy Cut?

Poodle puppy sitting in front of a mirror having its hair trimmed with pink clippers.

This is a popular hairstyle for poodles in which you get a uniform length of hair all over the body. Even if this trim is performed on adult canines, it makes them look like cute puppies. Similarly, it gives your dog the look of a teddy bear and that’s why it is also known as the Teddy Bear Cut. Some people like to shave the tail of their pup to get a pompom.

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How to Give a Poodle Puppy Cut?

Grooming can be a massive expense for many poodle owners because they have a dense coat. Fortunately, you can groom your poodle at home and the following guide will explain how to do it.

NOTE: Grooming a poodle at home is only recommended for experienced owners who have the necessary knowledge.

Make the Preparations

Pet groomers tools on a blue background.

Choose a comfortable spot, like a kitchen counter, and layout a cozy blanket or towel. Allow your pooch to settle on it before giving him/her a bath. Always use dog-friendly shampoos and conditioners to ensure the safety of your furball. After bathing, dry your canine thoroughly with towels and a hairdryer (medium heat). Lastly, you can use a harness to secure your pet before giving him/her a poodle puppy cut.

Trim the Face

Gently hold the face of your poodle and start clipping towards the ear. Make sure that the blade is away from the eyes and is flat against the cheeks.  

NOTE: Always keep the face of the blade away from your dog’s face, eyes, and body.   

Clip the Hair from the Feet

Human hands holding clippers to trim the hair between a poodles toes

Command your pooch to sit down (or preferably lay down). This will keep him/her balanced while you are trimming the feet. Now, grab one of the paws in your hand and clip the fur. You need to observe some caution about the nails and extra fluff on the paws.

Trim the Tail and Even Out the Body

Once you have completed the grooming of feet, clip the hair from your poodle’s tail. You can trim it the way you want as some owners like to shave it completely and have a pompom at the end. After finishing the tail’s grooming, cut the hair from the remaining parts of the body. You can choose the desired length, but just make sure that it is balanced with the face, feet, and tail.

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