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What is a Poodle Cut?

White poodle being styled and groomed by a woman in the background.

The term “Poodle Cut” is used to refer to the traditional haircut for poodles. These working dogs were originally bred to fetch waterfowl for their owners. For this purpose, they had to swim and their dense coat would become heavy by absorbing water. This would slow down these pups and their working efficiency was affected.  

To counter that, owners would shave their poodles completely (except their joints). That specific hairstyle was associated with poodles for many years until this breed became a fashion symbol. After that, a huge collection of new haircuts was introduced for this beautiful breed.

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Most Popular Poodle Cuts

Poodles are among the most versatile dogs in terms of grooming. They come in different sizes and colors and the hairstyle that will suit your pooch depends on his/her physique. The following are some of the most popular haircuts for poodles that you can try.

Continental Cut

White poodle with thick braids at the back of its head being walked on a leash.

Also known as Lion Cut, your pooch is shaved completely in this style, except face, ears, shoulders, paws, and tail. The hair on these body parts are used to create beautiful pompoms.

Puppy Cut

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is generally used for young dogs. You get a uniform length of fur all over the body in this trim. It is also known as the Teddy Bear Cut.

Miami Cut

Tan poodle standing on a sandy beach with a pier or sock in the background.

Also knows as Bikini Cut, this hairstyle is the perfect combination of style and simplicity. In this haircut, the poodle is shaved around their face, feet, and tail (a pompom).

Town and Country Cut

The popularity of this hairstyle is increasing all the time. It involves the shaving of the face, neck, belly, and feet. The hair on other parts of the body are cut to the desired length.

Summer Cut

Dark grey poodle looking down with blue skies and clouds in the backgrouns.

Also known as the Utility Cut, this hairstyle is often used as a functional poodle cut for working dogs. In this haircut, the face, feet, and tail of your pooch are shaved while the hair on other body parts are usually kept short.

Lamb Cut

This poodle cut is quite similar to Summer Cut, but it has no harsh lines. This means that you will get the continual smoothness of the coat, which looks good and is easy to maintain.  

Sporting Cut

Tan poodle standing in a grass field.

Also known as Dutch Cut, this haircut offers a uniform hair length with a pompom on the tail. This is the most popular poodle trim for show-line dogs.  

Modern Cut

This beautiful hairstyle is designed to enhance the natural features of your pup. Despite that, it is very simple to maintain and that’s why a lot of people are going for this cut.

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