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Will My Poodle Shed Their Hair?

Fluffy poodle standing outdoors in the grass

Although poodles are considered to be hypoallergenic by many people, they still shed hair. Poodles are considered an excellent alternative for people with allergies because of their low-shedding coats. They have earned this reputation because they shed very little hair when compared to heavy shedders, like a golden retriever. Keep reading to know how much poodles shed and why are they considered hypoallergenic.

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How Many Hair will My Poodle Shed?

It’s not possible for you to sit around and count how much hair did your poodle shed in a day. However, the general rule of thumb is that larger dogs will shed more hair. This is because they have more coat area (and hair) to lose. Therefore, you should go for smaller poodles (like toy and miniature) if you have a history of allergies.

Why Poodles Shed Less Hair than Other Breeds

poodle being groomed

The following are the reasons due to which poodles shed very little hair.

Single Coat

Unlike most breeds that have double coats (outer coat and undercoat), poodles have just one layer of hair. Consequently, they don’t drop a lot of fur. On the other hand, double-coated dogs, such as American Eskimo, shed heavily during the shedding season.

Loose Hair are Trapped in the Coat

Tan poodle being brushed out with a hairbrush

Poodles have dense, curly, and wiry coats that are ideal to catch loose hair. Hence, most of the dead hair they shed are trapped by their coat. As a result, most of them are brushed away when you are grooming your pooch. This means very little hair around the home to exaggerate your allergies.

Longer Hair Growth Cycle

Every dog breed has a natural “growth cycle” for their hair. It can be divided into three phases, new hair grooming (anagen), resting(catagen), and falling (telegon). The hair of poodles take longer to grow than some of the other heavy shedding dogs. Therefore, they have very limited hair to shed.

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