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Are Poodle Crosses Hypoallergenic?

Portrait of a poodle mix outdoors

Yes, poodle crosses are considered hypoallergenic because they shed very little hair. While there is no truly hypoallergenic dog breed, poodle mixes (also known as doodles) are among the best when we talk about hypoallergenic properties.

Doodles come in all shapes and sizes as many breeds have been mixed with poodles. Some of the most common poodle crosses include Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Sheepadoodle. The popularity of doodles got a massive boost in the 1980s. The main reasons for this surge were a low-maintenance coat, a super cute appearance, and a laid-back demeanor.

Doodles have a friendly nature and behave well with humans and other animals. Their adorable and loving personalities make them ideal companions for all types of people (children, adults, and seniors). They are also versatile family pets who can adapt to various living styles.

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Why are Poodle Mixes Hypoallergenic?

Woman sitting on a couch blowing her nose

Doodles are considered hypoallergenic due to the following features.

No Undercoat

Most dogs have two coats of hair to help them regulate seasonal temperature changes. Poodle mixes have just one coat (no undercoat), just like their parent. This means that these canines are less likely to shed the softer, finer hair that can irritate someone with allergies.

Low Shedding Coats

The hair of most doodles are silky and curly, which shed far less than most other breeds. The low-shedding coats of these pups are the reason why many of them were bred. However, some poodle crosses may lack this quality and have straight hair. According to some people, doodles never shed because the hair they drop are almost negligible.

Curly Coat Catches Dander

Golden doodle laying in the grass

The curly coat of doodles traps the loose hair so that they are not spread around your house. Similarly, these curls catch the dander to prevent it from exaggerating your allergies. Hence, both these allergens (hair and dander) are managed by the doodle itself.

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