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What Poodle Mix is Best?

Portrait of Golden Doodle outdoors

There is no definite answer to this question because the best poodle mix is dependent on the owner. For example, some people have a physical lifestyle and need a breed that can cope with it. Similarly, others owners are looking for an attractive pooch that can be exhibited in front of friends and family. Read on to find out the best poodle mix according to your requirements.

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Best Poodle Mix for Active People

If you like to explore the world and need an athletic poodle mix, Boxerdoodle can be an excellent option. Just like boxers, these dogs are incredibly loyal, loving, energetic, and hyperactive. They love to go outside and can run, swim, and play for hours. Similarly, they are highly trainable and make great hiking companions or jogging buddies.

Best Poodle Mix for Families

Shaggy Labradoodle standing in field of grass

If you are looking for a loving pooch that could gel well with your family, Labradoodle is a breed you can trust. These affectionate and highly social canines carry the features of their parents. Both labrador retrievers and poodles are great with people, including children of all ages. Labradoodles are very playful and most of these pups consider your kids as their siblings.

Best Poodle Mix for Seniors

If you are a senior citizen who needs a peaceful companion, Bernedoodle is a great choice for you. Bernedoodle is the result of a cross between Bernese mountain and poodle. These cutest dogs are calm and fairly lazy. They like to act like lap dogs and will enjoy their time on your sofa. Bernedoodle is the calmest poodle mix that can be left alone for longer spells. However, they would prefer some company.

Best Poodle Mix for Apartments

Maltipoo standing on a wooden bench outdoors

Poodle mixes usually have a lot of energy and will require daily exercise. However, if you are looking for the best doodle for an apartment, Maltipoo is your best bet. Maltipoo was developed by crossbreeding a Maltese and a poodle. The small size and moderate energy level of these pups make them ideal for apartment living. In addition to that, they also enjoy casual outdoor activities.

Best Poodle Mix for Showing Off

If you are looking for a dog that you can train, show off and complete with, Boredoodle is your pup. This breed is the result of a cross between border collie and poodle. These pooches are massive and have a lot of energy. Therefore, they are better for active families that can provide enough mental and physical stimulation.

Boredoodles are quick to learn new things and are eager to please their owners. For this reason, they are well suited for service dog training.

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