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Are Poodle Puppies Hyper?

brown poodle puppy laying on a baby blanket

It is unusual for dogs to become clinically hyperactive, but poodles can get hyper, especially in their puppyhood. This is because they were originally bred as working dogs and have an abundant supply of energy.  Although they have transitioned well into family companions, poodles can experience an episode of hyperactivity if they are not getting sufficient exercise. Some people regard them as spoiled dogs because they require a lot of attention from their owners.

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Why are Poodle Puppies Hyper?

white poodle puppy with an orange spiky ball in its mouth

Poodle puppies are very beautiful and adorable companions, but they can pose some challenges because of their hyper temperament. The following are some major causes that are responsible for this unusual behavior.


Poodles were originally bred for as working dogs that were used for several different purposes. For example, they used to retrieve the waterfowls for their owners. Similarly, poodles were considered reliable for guarding property and herding duties. All these roles clearly show that these pooches are highly trainable and energetic.

Due to domestication, most poodle puppies are now serving as companion dogs. Consequently, they can’t fulfill their instincts of hunting or retrieving, which can be frustrating for some poodles. Hence, they can become hyperactive and indulge in destructive habits to relieve the discomfort.


Portrait of a small white poodle puppy laying in grass

Poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. These intelligent pups are excellent at learning new tricks and are considered quite easy to train. These activities are necessary to keep your poodle’s mind engaged and provide him/her with sufficient mental stimulation. Otherwise, poodle puppies can get hyper and may develop negative behavior.

Sometimes, it is difficult for the owners to satisfy the intellectual vitality of this clever dog. Likewise, separation anxiety can also be a problem with this breed because they love to interact with people. Therefore, you should be willing to give your canine a lot of attention if you go for a poodle.

Activity Level

Lack of exercise or playtime is probably the biggest reason that can make poodle puppies hyper. Restricting your poodle to a single room (or a kennel) is never a good idea because it can lead to several issues. For example, your pooch can develop medical conditions, like heart problems.

Larger poodles require more exercise than smaller versions. However, the exercise needs of miniature poodles or even teacup poodles are still significant. You can schedule different physical stimulation activities, like a game of fetch and daily walk. Do keep the stamina of poodle puppies in mind while designing these routines because they are not as strong as adult canines.

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