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What Do Poodle Zoomies Mean?

Shaggy poodle laying in a field of grass and weeds

Poodle Zoomies are Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPS) in which your pooch aimlessly spins around or runs briskly in circles. Experts believe that zoomies allow poodles to relieve stress, release stored energy, and manage their immense excitement.

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Why Do Poodle Zoomies Happen?

Baths aren’t the only thing that can cause a dog to have an anxiety attack. Dogster mentions that some canines exhibit this behavior even after grooming or playing. Poodles can have zoomies due to various causes and some of the most common ones are listed below.

  • Stimulation or arousal
  • Witnessing another pup while participating in a high-intensity play
  • Puzzled or slightly anxious in a dog-training class. This happens when the skill being taught is difficult, and your poodle needs to let off some nervous energy.

Zoomies are most common in puppies and young canines, but the condition can affect poodles of various ages and sizes.

Important Facts About Poodle Zoomies

White poodle jumping up into the air to catch an orange ball.

Hill’s Pet explains several interesting features of Poodle Zoomies, some of which are as follows.

Poodle Zoomies are Normal

Zoomies may give the impression that your pup has gone insane, but it’s normal dog behavior. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about them, especially if your pooch is in a safe environment. So, don’t worry as FRAPs will eventually pass and your dog will ultimately tucker out. Also, zoomies can be entertaining to watch as long as nothing is broken.

Poodle Zoomies are Fun

The majority of dog owners like watching these spontaneous spurts of energy from their pets. When your dog is rushing around the yard like crazy, it’s difficult not to laugh—the excitement is contagious. It’s a pure form of canine entertainment that will bring a smile to the face of anyone who’s around.

Poodle Zoomies are Short

a pack of poodles running on a beach.

These spells of energy rush are short-lived and usually last for a few minutes or sometimes even less. Although they can last up to ten minutes in exceptional situations, this is not the norm.

Poodle Zoomies can be Stopped

You can divert the attention of your pup during a FRAP. Simply, grab their attention by sprinting away from them and they will start chasing you. It’s also a great way of bringing them to a safer location if it’s necessary. Alternatively, you can toss a toy in the direction you want the poodle to go.

The better your dog’s recall, the sooner he/she will return to you when the FRAP fades away. But, only a few canines will be able to do it when the activity is at its peak. Never chase a dog when he is going through a FRAP because this will only add to the excitement. Hence, it will become more difficult for canines to settle down.

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