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Low Maintenance Poodle Cuts

one tan, one black, poodles laying on a rug together

No one can deny the fact that Poodles look amazing due to their majestic curls. Although a wide range of haircuts can be tried on this breed, it’s too common to see Poodles with a traditional cut. Tired of that same look and want to give a new hairstyle to your pup? If your answer is yes, keep reading as we are about to discuss some low maintenance poodle cuts.  

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Low Maintenance Poodle Cuts

Poodle fur can be sculpted easily because it is very springy. For this reason, some owners tend to trim their dogs themselves. However, if you are looking to get a high level of elegance, it’s highly recommended to opt for a professional groomer. The following are some of the best low maintenance poodle cuts that you can try on your pooch.

Lion Cut

White poodle outdoors with a Lions Cut

This is probably the most popular poodle cut as most people will think of it when we talk about trimming a Poodle’s hair. It is also known as the ‘Continental Cut’ and is an acceptable hairstyle for show-lines. According to All Things Dogs, poodles are shaved completely in this cut except their face, ears, shoulders, paws, and tail. The hair on these body parts are used to create pompoms of fur.

This haircut can take a lot of time and effort to execute and is not recommended for novice owners. Even if you are an experienced owner, it’s better to get an appointment with a professional groomer. Because most of the hair are shaved/trimmed very short, you won’t need a lot of time to maintain your Poodle.

Short Cut

Poodle with short cut running through a field of tall grass

Although this hairstyle is not very common, it’s an excellent option if you are looking for a low-maintenance poodle cut. As the name suggests, the hair are trimmed very short to avoid the formation of knots and tangles in the coat. Similarly, this is a good alternative in warmer countries where your dog finds it hard to stay cool.

The Short Cut can be used for the Poodles of all sizes (standard, miniature, and even toy). This method won’t require a professional groomer because you just need to trim the entire fur in a similar manner. Animal Wised mentions that the only drawback of this hairstyle is that your pup can become cold during winter. Therefore, you may need to manage a jacket for your doggie if you go for this cut in cold conditions.

Summer Cut

This low-maintenance Poodle cut is quite similar to the Short Cut. Petsoid explains that the only difference is the length of the hair at the bottom of the legs. In summer cut, they are intentionally kept long so that they could resemble a bell.

It is one of the more functional hairstyles that is used to keep your canine friend comfortable during the summer months. This is the reason why summer cut is extremely popular in countries that experience 4 seasons. Although this trim is seen in all variants of this breed, it is more common in standard-sized Poodles.

Miami Cut

Tan poodle on a beach with a Miami cut

Also known as the Bikini Cut, this hairstyle was voted as one of the most popular Poodle cuts in 2019. This is a very useful cut for those owners who want to add a little style to their dog’s personality. However, it still maintains a simple appearance and keeps the grooming needs to a minimum. According to iHeart Dogs, the pompoms on the feet and tail will need to be brushed twice a week.  

Miami Cut is a wonderful option for those Poodles who have skin problems. The shorter fur makes it easier (for the owner) to access the skin while applying the medications.

Modern Cut

White poodle standing on a patio with a modern cut

If you are a fan of recent trends, this haircut is the perfect choice for your poodle. The modern cut is one of the most elegant Poodle cuts in which the fur is trimmed to highlight the natural features of the pup. This is the reason why a lot of owners use this hairstyle for canine beauty competitions.

In the United States, this trim is also known as the European Cut. Likewise, some people also like to call it the Scandinavian Cut. It is highly recommended to go for a professional because this cut requires a very careful finish. Although it is stylish and impressive, the Modern Cut still falls into the category of low maintenance Poodle cuts.

Lamb Cut

This is another stylish haircut that you can choose for your poodle. The thing that makes a Lamb Cut unique is the continual smoothness of the coat (no harsh lines). Although the popularity of this low-maintenance Poodle cut is growing rapidly nowadays, it was considered a boring trim in the past. It was not acceptable in show rings because people believed it’s not stylish enough to win a prize.

However, things seem to have changed as this hairstyle is attracting a lot of owners these days. It is an extremely versatile haircut that is not limited to Poodles. Therefore, several other breeds can also be seen in a lamb cut.

Dutch Cut

Black poodle outdoors

This is a very popular trim for dog contests and expositions. Dutch Cut offers a uniform hair length across the dog’s body with a pompom on the tail. This is why it is considered one of the easiest Poodle cuts to achieve. Similarly, it is easier to maintain and can be conveniently managed at home.

In the British Kennel Club, the term ‘Sporting Cut’ is used for this hair cut. It looks good on poodles of all sizes: standard, miniature, and toy.

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