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8 Dog Breeds that Need Grooming

Groomed Maltese on blue background

Grooming is one of the most important factors while selecting a suitable dog for yourself. Some dog breeds require a lot of attention and brushing to maintain their looks.

Although it is a time-consuming activity, this intensive grooming session results in an incredible bonding experience. If you are willing to take care of their grooming needs, the following dog breeds can become your perfect companion.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound in nature setting

These large and powerful sighthounds are popular for their beautiful, long coat. The impressing personality of Afghan Hounds demands a lot of effort from their owners. Regular bathing and brushing of their luscious hair are necessary to maintain the elegance of this breed.

In addition to their attractive physical appearance, Afghan Hounds also have an amiable nature. They bond closely with their families and enjoy the company of their people. In contrast to its playful behavior, an Afghan Hound tends to stay a little reserved with strangers.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise standing on concrete stairs

Matting is a common issue with this dog breed because their coat is made of hair (not fur). Consequently, you must brush these canines regularly to prevent painful mats. Similarly, it is highly recommended to arrange monthly bathing and scissoring session for your Bichon.

These cheerful dogs are quite fond of making new friends. They are great with children and other pets and enjoy spending time with their families. The energetic and playful nature of Bichons is extremely adorable and it’s difficult to ignore them. Therefore, they make an excellent pet if you can manage their grooming requirements.  

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel standing in grass field

The cheerful disposition and beautiful looks of this breed make it a treat to have in the family. Despite their bird-hunting background, Cocker Spaniels are considered beloved companion dogs. They love to please their family and are equally comfortable with apartment or backyard life. However, you must treat this sensitive dog politely as they don’t respond well to harsh treatment.

The grooming of a Cocker Spaniel is an intense and potentially expensive proposition. In addition to daily combing, you will need the services of a professional groomer to maintain this handsome canine. Some parents trim the long coat of these dogs to make things a little easier. Having said that, the short coats of Cocker Spaniels also need a substantial amount of care.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier standing at edge of pond

This working dog hails from County Kerry, in Ireland, and was originally bred for hunting small game. Likewise, local farmers also used this breed for herding cattle and sheep. Nowadays, these loyal canines make devoted companions who have an extremely strong connection with their pack. These good-natured pups get along well with people of all ages, including children.

The soft and dense coat of Kerry Blue Terriers is very high maintenance. It needs to be brushed daily and will require trimming and bathing every 4 weeks. You need to pay special attention to their wavy beard because food can get stuck in it. More often than not, owners of this dog breed hire professional groomers for trimming.  


Komondor standing in grassy field

This Hungarian breed was originally developed for guarding livestock and property. Although they don’t need a lot of combing, it’s important to keep their coat clean while cords form. Once the cords are formed, you need to maintain them properly to avoid matting. Due to their thick and long corded coats, they are also known as the ‘mop dogs’.

Komondors are extremely loyal to their families. Likewise, these gentle dogs are incredibly patient with kids and like to play with them. These livestock guardians can also serve as reliable guard dogs because they are always wary of strangers. 


Maltese running in grass

This loving dog breed is quite fond of meeting new people and treats everyone as a friend. Even though it has a glamorous white coat, this fearless canine is anything but lazy. These excellent companions have also done remarkably well in different dog sports, like rally, agility, and tracking.

The straight and silky coat of Maltese is significantly difficult to maintain, and it requires a lot of grooming. In addition to daily brushing, the white coat becomes dirty easily and will need a bath every week. Similarly, regular trimming is also necessary because Maltese coats can reach all the way to the ground. For these reasons, most owners of these dogs have to seek professional help.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog sitting in woodland setting

These dogs were originally bred to accompany fishermen on their trips. These active and intelligent canines were used to retrieve lost gear and herd fish into nets. In today’s world, Portuguese Water Dogs are fun-loving family companions who get along well with children of all ages. They make ideal pets for those families who have an active lifestyle and go regularly for running and swimming.

The Portuguese Water Dog has hair rather than fur. Consequently, their coats continue to grow and will require regular brushing and trimming. In contrast to that, these dogs don’t shed much because they have a single coat (no undercoat). For this reason, they are often regarded as hypoallergenic.  


3 Puli sitting in snow

Pulis are extremely active canines who prefer to enjoy outdoor activities with their people. They are excellent with young kids and like to play with them. Just like Komondor, this Hungarian breed also has a thick, corded coat that needs to be separated weekly. A considerable amount of grooming is required to keep these cords clean and prevent matting.

If you bath your Puli, make sure that all the shampoo from each dreadlock has been rinsed. It is important because the dried residue of shampoo can lead to skin irritation. The coat of a Puli usually takes a few days to dry on its own. Alternatively, you can dry up your pup in a few hours by using a blow dryer.

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