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9 Dog Breeds that Need Little Exercise

Pekingese laying on striped fabric

There is a dog for every lifestyle and you should always choose a breed that suits your routine. For instance, if you can’t commit hours, you must look for dogs that need little exercise. On the other hand, active families shouldn’t select a potato couch as it creates a conflict of interest. The following is a list of dog breeds that will only need a little bit of exercise to stay healthy.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound laying in grass

Although these dogs were originally bred for hunting, they are known to have a laid-back attitude. However, they do need some daily exercise to stay fit. A Basset Hound has a large body on short legs so the weight of the dog must stay down. This breed is ideal for those people who walk slowly.

Basset Hounds have an affectionate nature and are quite easy to train. Generally, these gentle canines have excellent temperament and are extremely patient with young children. These adorable dogs are not recommended for your family if you are looking for a quiet breed.


Bullmastiff laying in leaves in woods

These friendly giants are known for their easygoing and docile nature unless there is a threat to their family. A large part of their guarding abilities come from their gigantic size and fearsome appearance. According to Vet Street, a Bullmastiff is a terrific family dog who loves the company of his/her people.

Despite their huge bodies, Bullmastiffs don’t require much exercise to be happy. For this reason, they do adapt to apartment life if you could provide them with sufficient space. Do remember that a fully-grown Bullmastiff can weigh around 130 pounds, and is about 2 feet tall.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel laying on edge of couch

Cavaliers were originally developed as lapdogs and they fulfill the job description perfectly. These loving dogs love to stay in your company and don’t need more than a short walk. While you are outside, don’t let them off a leash because they have strong hunting instincts. Once they get the necessary exercise, they like to enjoy a nap on your couch.

This intelligent breed is generally quite relaxed and gets along well with children. However, proper training and early socialization are essential for bringing out the best of their personality. A poorly-trained Cavalier can cause some issues in the later stages of his/her life.  

Chow Chow

Chow Chow in living room setting

In contrast to its muscular and serene appearance, Chow Chow makes a very good city dog. These dogs originate from China and need little exercise to prevent aggression. The personality traits of Chow Chows are often compared with cats (instead of dogs). For instance, they keep themselves very clean and shed a lot of hair in warmer conditions.

Another benefit of adopting a Chow Chow is that it has an independent nature. Consequently, separation anxiety is not a problem with these canines, even if you work full-time. Even though they can weigh around 70 pounds, these loyal pups are considered great cuddle companions.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog sitting on couch

Commonly known as the Frenchies, these low-key dogs are loved for their silly personality and unique looks. They are smaller than the English Bulldog and are perfect for those people who need a lapdog. They have a calm demeanor and thrive with a short daily walk and a bit of indoor play.

French Bulldogs spread a lot of happiness in their surroundings with their bat ears and snorting. These canines are perfect for kids of all ages because of their gentle temperament and small size.  


Greyhound laying on bed

This is the most surprising entry in this list. How can Greyhounds need little exercise when they are the fastest among all dog breeds? Over the years, these speed racers have proven to be excellent couch potatoes once they get the necessary physical activity. A short daily walk and an occasional run around a securely-fenced field are sufficient to satisfy a Greyhound.

These lovable pups are often categorized as lapdogs for their sweet nature. They make wonderful companions and love to stay in your company when they are indoors. Although they can’t fit in your lap, these charming dogs will definitely give it a try.


Pekingese in nature setting

These lapdogs have a history of living with Chinese royalty, and they do show it from their behavior. The serene and sedate nature of this breed is ideal for quiet families. Pekingese don’t have much energy and will need very little exercise to stay healthy. However, they can develop matting and skin infections due to their high-maintenance coat.

The independent nature of Pekingese means that it can stay alone if you are working full-time. However, you should schedule a play session with your pet once you are back.


Pug with head down on hardwood floor

Pugs are easily the most hilarious dogs that you are ever going to meet. It is incredibly difficult to find an unhappy Pug as these canines can thrive in any living condition. The only thing that tends to trouble them is extreme heat. Therefore, you should try to keep them cool in the summer.

They are generally very lazy and like to enjoy most of their time on a couch. In contrast to their desire, they do need regular exercise because they are prone to obesity. However, their needs for physical activity are very modest in comparison to an average dog. Mostly, a short daily walk and a balanced diet are sufficient to keep a Pug healthy.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu laying down in grass

The original purpose of developing this breed was companionship. The Shih Tzu fulfills this role perfectly as these cute, little canines make a strong bond with their family. These playful pups don’t like to go outside and can meet their exercise needs by simply walking around the house. For this reason, they are ideal for apartment life.

Grooming is the most difficult thing about a Shih Tzu because of its long coat and beard. You will need to brush and bath him/her regularly to maintain the personality of this beautiful dog. Similarly, they shed a lot and it can create some problems if someone in the family is allergic.

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