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Will My Poodle Ever Calm Down?

Poodle jumping in the air to catch a yellow ball

You should always expect one thing from poodles; they can be frantic and hyperactive! This is the reason why they make excellent pets for active families and playful children. However, this energetic and restless demeanor can also lead to a lot of clutter and sleepless nights. But don’t worry; this is usually just a phase, and your poodle will soon settle down (by training).

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Why is My Poodle So Hyper?

Several reasons can be responsible for your poodle’s hyperactivity and some of the most important ones are discussed below.

Hunting History – Poodles are very hyperactive canines that were originally bred to help hunters collect ducks (and other water games). As a result, these intelligent and energetic pups find it difficult to calm down.

Lack of Exercise – Poodles need plenty of exercise to calm themselves down. Therefore, it’s important to provide them with constructive alternatives to spend their energy. Otherwise, these canines can give some tough time to their owners.

Mental Stimulation – In addition to physical activity, poodles also need rigorous mental stimulation to do justice to their intelligence. This is why your poodle will not calm down unless he/she is mentally occupied.

How can I Calm Down My Poodle?

Wet poodle standing on a sandy beach

According to Pooch Authority, the hyperactive mode of poodles stays for a couple of months. During this period, you can use the following methods to make them contented and calm.

Train Your Poodle

This is an extremely efficient way to control the unruly behavior of your poodle. Thanks to their intelligence, you can easily train these pups to behave properly. It’s highly recommended to use yummy treats to lure your pooch whether you are teaching a new command or crate training them.

Provide Sufficient Physical and Mental Stimulation

Poodle with a green ball in its mouth standing in a ball pit

A brisk run in the park or a nearby field is one of the finest methods to settle down any dog. Poodles love a thirty-minute race (without a leash) in your backyard or any nearby property. This allows them to sniff the surroundings and investigate stuff they don’t normally encounter.

Another advantage of running around in a field or on the beach is the mental stimulation. Dogs enjoy sniffing out new scents and following them. Their sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than ours, and the mere enjoyment of figuring out novel odors will calm them down.

Balanced Diet and Organized Routine

Unhealthy food and an unscheduled lifestyle can be very frustrating for your poodle. They are a creature of routine and must be given quality food to keep them healthy. You should also schedule a training routine for your pooch because they love to spend time with their owners.

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