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Do Toy Poodles Need to Be Walked?

Torso view of a woman walking several toy poodles down the street on leashes

Exercise is King

When you want to stay healthy, you need to do more than eat right. You do need to get plenty of exercise as well. The same holds true for your toy poodle. He or she needs to get enough exercise to remain nice and healthy.

Giving him or her enough exercise means that you are getting some helpful activity that helps keep you looking younger and more fit. Keep reading to find out how much time you need to exercise your toy poodle each day.

How Long Do You Need to Walk a Toy Poodle?

Toy poodle dressed in overalls standing outdoors on a brick patio

As you know, toy poodles do not have very long legs, and walking them long distances will be out of the question. However, toy poodles do need to walk and get their fair share of exercise.

The ideal average time for a walk would be between 20 and 25 minutes. That time frame should give you enough time to cover about 1/2 to 1 mile. That distance is the ideal standard as well. When it is raining you can alter that time frame and distance.

Each dog is different so tailor your walk time according to the personality and ability your dog has.

How Often Do You Need to Walk a Toy Poodle?

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The frequency they will need to be walked will be ultimately up to you and your schedule. However, a toy poodle needs at least one long walk each day or two short ones.

Or you can do two short ones each day and reserve the longer walks for the weekend when you have more time. The key is to avoid over-strenuous walks. These trips may cause more harm than good.

Also, you should avoid high-impact activities and runs as those will eventually damage your puppy’s joints. Then make sure your puppy has had their shots first before taking them out into the big wide world.

How Long Can a Toy Poodle Walk?

Woman kneeling on a city sidewalk talking to her toy poodle

The specific time they can walk will depend on them. Each dog is different so they will need different time frames and different lengths. You will have to make this judgment call by watching your pet and how they react to different walk times and lengths.

There is a general rule of thumb to guide you. A walk should only be as long as 5 minutes for every month of age. A 6-month-old puppy should be able to handle a 30-minute walk.

But monitor your puppy to make sure they can handle that small of a time frame.

How Far Should a Toy Poodle Walk?

Woman walking her toy poodle on a paved trail

This will depend on their age, and you should start with the rule of thumb mentioned above. Give them 5 minutes each day for every month they have been alive. Then monitor your puppy and adjust the time frame according to how they respond.

The key is not to take them out in public until after they have completed their initial vaccinations. You do not want to expose your pet to the dangers and risks of the world until they are protected.

Play it by ear and tailor their exercise time according to their age, abilities, and any illnesses they may have.

How Long Should You Walk a Toy Poodle?

Toy poodle wearing a striped shirt standing under a cherry tree

This is up to you, your schedule, and your pet. You should make adjustments as they get older and when you have more time. As they age, your pet may develop arthritis which will curtail a lot of activities you are used to doing.

But you still need to exercise older dogs, so they maintain flexibility and muscle strength. This does not mean long walks but maybe a few shorter ones to keep your pet moving.

Also, you should manage their weight so that there is not a lot of stress placed on their legs or joints.

Activities Help with Exercise

Apricot colored poodle running with a stick in its mouth

You do not have to take your toy poodle out every day for a long walk. Providing different games and activities will also help your pet receive the exercise they need to remain healthy.

Chew toys, tug of war, swimming are just a few of those activities or games you can play with your pet and keep them active and give them enough muscle strength.

Some Final Words

Taking your pet for a walk or playing games with them is one way for you to stay in shape as well. You are doing yourself and your pet when you do these activities, games, and walks together.

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