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How to Make a Toy Poodle Happy

Untrimmed toy poodle sitting on a wooden deck

There are many ways to make your pet poodle happy. You do not have to do all of these ways. Just pick the ones your poodle likes best. But one of the best ways to keep your pet happy is to make sure they get quality time with you.

Poodles, like most dogs, like to be with their masters and that makes them the happiest. Spending time together is their desire, and the following information should give you ideas on what you should be doing during those together times.

Take a few minutes to see which of these activities will work with your poodle.

Different Ways to Make Your Pet Poodle Happy

Petting your poodle is essential and doing it in the right location and the right gentleness will go a long way to making your poodle nice and happy. Here are different petting-related activities you can do with your poodle.

1. The Reason Why You Should Pet Your Dog

Senior man holding a white toy poodle with a white wall in the background

This activity helps you bond with your dog better plus, it can help reduce stress and anxiety in both owner and poodle. All you have to do is pet him or her for 10 minutes. You can do more of course.

2. Where Should You Pet Your Poodle

Two hands holding the head of a black toy poodle with the ears flopped to either side.

The tail is a big no-no as are the legs or ankles. However, there are 5 good spots where you should most definitely pet your poodle. The head and ears are two locations, then make sure to pet their backs as well as their stomachs and chest areas.

Your pet may have their own individual sweet spot where they like to be petted the most.

3. What Not to Do When Petting Your Poodle

Little girl holding a white poodle outdoors

Do not copy the actions of a child. Most poodles do not like the slapping or hitting style of petting that many children do. It makes them afraid and can cause them a little pain. Also, you should refrain from putting too much pressure on your petting style.

Take the time to teach your children how to pet a poodle properly and make sure they do not go against the grain.

4. Be Cautious When Petting A Poodle, You Do Not Know

This can be a tricky activity as you never know how the dog will respond to you. Make sure to ask the owner first as some dogs do not like strangers and they really do not like strangers touching them.

How to Make Your Pet Poodle Happy

Toy poodle with fluffy hair being held by a woman in a sweater

Here are some activities you can do that will make your poodle happy and give you both some great quality together time:

1. Give them some of their favorite treats. Just not all the time as you do not want them getting fat or spoiled.

2. Play fetch, catch, tug of war, or a host of other games with your dog.

3. Take care of your pet by feeding them a very healthy diet filled with nutritious and delicious food.

4. Keep your pet nice and groomed. Knots do make your poodle uncomfortable as do long nails, etc. Make sure your pet stays well-groomed.

5. Go for a walk. Take your friend outside, to a park, or let them get to know the city streets but get outside so both of you get fresh air.

6. Allow for exploration. One thing about dogs is that they like to sniff and explore. Give them the chance to do that activity.

7. Take time to cuddle and pet your pet. This helps relieve stress and helps keep your poodle nice and calm.

8. Talk to him or her. This is always good for you to do. It helps you and it is a sign of love to them.

9. Train them. Poodles like to please their masters, so they need the training to know how to do that

10. Just spend time with them. A companion is not a companion unless they are with you. Spend lots of quality time together.

Some Final Words

portrait of an apricot colored toy poodle looking up at the camera

Making your poodle happy just takes some simple and easy-to-do activities. Some will be mandatory like grooming and walking but others will be fun. Pick the ones you and your dog like to do best and have a great time.

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