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How to Play with a Toy Poodle

Woman holding her toy poodle up in the air while sitting on a white couch in a white room

Seriously, while you do need to be careful about the type of games you play with your toy poodle, you can still play some great games. Toy poodles, like the standard and miniature versions, have a lot of intelligence and curiosity.

They can pick up different games and make sure both of you enjoy your time together. Take a few minutes to see what type of games you can play with your toy poodle. Your game playing time will be a lot more fun when both of you can equally play the game.

Some Games to Play with Your Toy Poodle

There are many different games to play, and the following list is only intended to get you on the right path to finding good activities to do together. You can make up your own games as well. Just use these as inspiration

1. Follow the Leader

Toy poodle playing on the floor with a young girl

Your poodle should follow you naturally as they like being with you. But you can make it more interesting by adding in some obstacles and different routes that challenge your pet.

Then to make it even more fun, you can teach your dog to lead and help them learn a new command so that they will know they are the leaders in this round. It will be normal for your pet to look back to see if you are actually following so stay close behind to keep your pet from quitting the game.

2. Hide & Seek

Toy poodle standing in a wicker chair with its paws on the back of the chair

This game should stimulate your pet’s intelligence and curiosity. It is impossible for you to seek your dog as they do not know how to hide. But it is possible to have your dog sit in one spot while you hide.

Then you or someone else gives the command to find you. Your poodle should be able to track you down in short order and make sure you have a treat ready for when they are successful.

Just make sure to find new places to hide so your dog does not get bored.

3. Kick Ball

Brown toy poodle puppy playing with a pink ball

In this game you need some space, so playing in your backyard is essential. Place the ball in front of your dog and let them kick it themselves. However, your pet may not be ready to kick it and maybe a bit afraid.

This is the time you need to set the example and show him or her how much fun it is to play. Once they get over their initial fear or hesitation, they should join in and kick the ball with you.

4. Treasure Hunt

Poodle with a hamburger squeaky toy in its mouth

A variation of hide and seek except you are not the one hiding. You take the time to hide one of their favorite toys, etc. (don’t make it too hard at first), then have your pet seek it out.

Your dog should be using their sense of smell to find each item you hide. This will stimulate both their intelligence and curiosity. They should get plenty of exercises and be tired out by the time they have finished the game.

To help them learn the game hide some of their favorite snacks in different places and watch them go.

5. Fetch

White toy poodle chasing a ball in tall grass

Can’t leave this one out as it is the all-time dog-human favorite game to lay. You can use a small stick, ball, or even a chew toy. Don’t toss any of the items too far away as your toy poodle is not that tall and may not see where it landed.

You may need some rewards to help train your pet to return the item you chose to throw. Or they may not return the item. This game should not be too difficult for your poodle to learn.

6. Tug of War

Poodle playing tug with a bigger white and black dog

A great game that helps build up your toy poodle’s strength and determination. The key is to use the right soft toy that won’t hurt their teeth while giving them something solid to grab on to.

Most dogs can play for a long time, and you will be surprised that once they win, they put your half of the toy back in your hand. It is a great way for your pet to get some indoor exercise without harming any furniture etc.

Some Final Words

Toy poodle puppy outdoors at a park

Playing games with your dog is a great bonding time. You two should get really close after just a few games. The good part of it is that your dog won’t cheat.

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