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How Do You Measure the Height of a Toy Poodle?

Toy poodle on a ;ight green background being measured with a ruler

There Are 3 Types of Poodles, small, medium, and large or toy, miniature or standard. The only difference between these three poodle options is their height. To get their correct height you have to measure in the right location.

To learn how to do this right, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can get the exact height of your poodle. This height does not include the head.

How Do You Measure a Toy Poodle?

The starting point will be the floor or any level surface you place your pet on. Then you measure up to what is called the withers. That ancient word refers to the spot between your poodle’s shoulder blades. It does not refer to or include its head.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to make sure you get an accurate reading:

Step 1 – Place your pet on level ground. You want that level surface to be convenient for you. It is hard on the back if you have to bend over to measure a miniature or toy poodle standing on the ground or floor.

Place those two breeds on a table so you can measure comfortably.

Step 2 – Find the withers. You should be able to see the ridge as it is the highest point on your poodle’s back. It will look and feel bony but if your dog’s fur is so thick you cannot see this part of its body, use your fingers to find it.

Step 3 – Use a measuring tape to get an accurate reading. Then start with the end of the tape on the table or floor and move the body of the measuring tape up till the numbers are equal with the withers.

Record the final number and you should find out the American kennel club regulation size when you compare that figure with theirs.

The Regular Sizes of Your Poodle

3 poodles sitting side by side on a brick wall
  1. Standard Poodle- Over 15 inches at the shoulders and most dogs in this category are between 22 and 27 inches
  2. Miniature Poodle- Over 10 inches at the shoulders and their height stops at 15 inches. Most miniature poodles stand between 13 to 15 inches high
  3. Toy Poodle- Under 10 inches tall at the shoulders

Here are three charts to help you measure your poodle’s growth from puppy to adulthood:

1. Standard Poodle

2 brown and one brown and white standard poodles standing in a field with front paws on a tree stump
  Age  3 months  6 months  12 months  Adult
  Weight  10 to 22 pounds  23 to 45 pounds  34 to 65 pounds  38 to 70 pounds
  Height  13 to 19 inches  19 to 23 inches  24 to 27 inches  24 to 27 inches

2. Miniature Poodles

miniature poodle standing outdoors in snow
  Age  3 months  6 months  12 months  Adult
  Weight  3 to 4 pounds  6 to 9 pounds  9 to 18 pounds  10 to 20 pounds
  Height  5 to 8 inches  8 to 13 inches  10 to 15 inches  10 to 15 inches

3. Toy Poodles

Toy poodle laying on a fur blanket
  Age  3 months  6 months  12 months  Adult
  Weight  2 to 6 pounds  4 to 8 pounds  4 to 11 pounds  4 to 12 pounds
  Height  up to 8 inches  up to 9 inches  up to 10 inches  up to 10 inches

Watch Where You Buy Your Poodle

3 small poodles inside of a glass box at a toy store

If you are having a few behavior or health problems, the reason your pet is experiencing these problems is that they were bred at a puppy mill. The breeders who run these mills do not care anything about the puppies and often do not take steps to ensure their good health.

Even if these puppies are accompanied by AKC papers or have pedigree histories, these documents do not guarantee that your pet will remain healthy for any length of time or present very good behavior.

Also, those papers will not always provide you with a poodle that is ‘show quality’ in other words, it won’t win awards at the local or national dog shows. Sometimes, it will just be a great pet.

Just make sure to treat it right, groom and exercise him or her and provide them with a great diet.

Some Final Words

close up portrait of the head of a tiny apricot colored poodle

Poodles are very intelligent dogs, and they like to please their masters. If you treat them right, they will treat you right as well. No matter their size, they are very active and fun dogs to have as a pet.

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