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Help! My Dog is Peeing in the House at Night

floor level view of dog peaking out from dog bed

Inappropriate urination is one of the most frustrating habits that your furry companion can do. Things become even worse when your dog starts peeing (in the house) in the middle of the night. Keep reading to know about the causes of inappropriate urination at night and the possible ways to train your dog.  

Why is My Dog Peeing in the House at Night?

Unfortunately, several reasons can lead to these irritating accidents. For instance, your pup may feel like marking his/her territory or his/her potty training is not complete. Other than these general issues, some of the most likely causes of these accidents are as follows.

Improper Routine

Dogs are a creature of habit and the systems of their bodies adapt to their routines. This is why it’s extremely important to train your pup with a planned schedule (from the beginning). If you are making continuous changes to your dog’s routine, he/she will get confused and accidents will happen.

Another thing that can lead to inappropriate urination at night is the skipping of the night walk. Even if you did take your pooch out for a walk in the afternoon, holding the urge to pee throughout the evening and night is a little too much. Therefore, you must spare half an hour or so for a short walk at night.   

Bad Habit

In some cases, dogs instinctively learn to pee at the same spot while you are sleeping at night. For example, canines often use indoor plants for relieving themselves. They start considering it their “toilet” and won’t feel anything wrong with this behavior. To correct this habit, you should clean the area thoroughly and may even need to remove the plants.  

Anxiety and Stress

Dachshund looking nervous peaking out from under blanket

Your dog can feel a lot of discomfort during the night because of his/her powerful hearing and smelling senses. For example, the sound of swirling wind or the movement of small animals can disturb the sleep of your pup. When the dog stays awake, he/she may feel like urinating due to fear or stress. Because the option of going outside is not there, he/she has to pee inside the house.

Other than that, some pooches experience separation anxiety if they have to sleep away from their owner. These dogs feel vulnerable and can also pee themselves out of fear.    

Health Problems

Many medical issues can make your dog pee in the house at night, like urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence. Generally, incontinence in dogs is associated with older canines, but young pups can also suffer from this condition. Incontinence leads to involuntary loss of urine and your furry friend may not even realize what he/she has done.  

What Can I Do If My Dog is Peeing in House at Night?

Jack Russel Terrier laying on a shiny floor

Once you have identified the underlying problem due to which your dog is peeing in the house at night, it’s time to implement the appropriate solution(s). Some of the most useful techniques to correct this inappropriate behavior are explained below.

Plan a Suitable Walking Routine

Make sure that the walking routine of your pooch is distributed properly throughout the day. This means that you must take him/her out in the morning, during the afternoon, and at night. As a result, he/she will get enough opportunities to relieve himself/herself.

The night walk is particularly helpful not only because it allows your canine friend to eliminate, but also because it makes him/her tired. This will enable you to get a good night’s sleep because a tired pup, usually, sleeps comfortably through the night.

Create a Safe Place for Your Dog

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety during the night, make a comfortable personal space for him/her. Find a cozy and quiet area in your home and place your pup’s bed, toys, and food bowls there. Likewise, place one of your clothes in this area to make your dog feel safe (due to your scent).

Once everything is set, allow him/her to spend some alone time in this spot. Increase the alone time gradually because leaving a pup alone for a complete day will result in a negative association.

Train Your Dog

Close up of white pit bull with one blue eye and one green and a speckled nose.

Dogs tend to follow a specific routine and you can use this good characteristic to your advantage. The following is an effective method to train your dog to not pee at night.

  • Set an alarm for about 2-3 hours before the bedtime of your dog.
  • Take away your dog’s water bowl as soon as the alarm goes off and don’t allow your pup to drink any more water.
  • Talk your dog out for a walk so that he/she could relieve himself/herself.
  • Make your canine companion sleep in your room so that you could know when he/she gets up.
  • If your dog wakes up without an accident, immediately take him/her outside for a toilet break.
  • Once he/she has finished the business in the right spot, give him/her a treat.

Visit the Veterinarian

If you are unable to figure out the cause of inappropriate urination at night, make an appointment with your vet. He/she will perform a detailed physical examination of your pet to find the problem. In the case of older dogs, urinary incontinence is a very common problem. However, several other diseases could also be responsible for this bad habit.

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