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Help! My Dog Keeps Peeing on My Carpet

Chihuahua standing in pee on grey rug

What should I do if my dog keeps peeing on the rug? This is a very common question in the canine world because every dog needs proper potty training. This training helps you to keep your home clean from the smelly messes of your canine companion. Other than training, you will also need to clean the accidents thoroughly if your dog keeps peeing on your carpet.

Why Does My Dog Keep Peeing on My Carpet?

It’s quite common for dogs to pee on carpets because they are absorbent and the canine’s paws stay dry. Other than that, there are several other reasons due to which your dog keeps peeing on your carpet. The most common ones among them are mentioned below.

Lack of Potty Training

Small brown puppy asleep on a potty pad surrounded by toys

If your dog is peeing indoors, lack of housetraining is probably the biggest reason for this misbehavior. Every dog needs to be trained how to relieve himself/herself appropriately and it’s highly recommended to train your pups in their puppyhood. This is because it’s extremely difficult to change a dog’s behavior once it becomes a habit.

Health Issues

If your dog is housetrained properly and still peeing on your carpet, he/she could be suffering from certain medical conditions. For example, urinary tract infections make it difficult for your pooch to hold on and he/she may urinate at inappropriate places.

Peeing Less Frequently

Puppy playing in snow

Sometimes, dogs tend to hold their pee for long intervals. Consequently, they are unable to control themselves after a specific time and can urinate on your carpet. Usually, canines do so when they are not getting enough playtime.

Getting Attention

Dogs are attention-seeking animals and try to gain your attention in many different ways. Peeing on your favorite rug is one of their favorite tricks because it will always lead to a response. Fortunately, most dogs don’t use this trick very often and consider it as their last option.      

What to Spray on My Carpet If My Dog Keeps Peeing on it?

Person spraying cleaner on carpet and scrubbing on hands and knees

It is essential to use deterrents and carpet sprays if your dog keeps peeing on your carpet. According to Remnant King Carpets, these chemicals not only help to clean the carpet, but also deter your dog from peeing on the carpet. Some of the solutions that can be quite effective are as follow: 

Vinegar Solution

This easy homemade remedy is commonly used to clean carpets whenever canines pee on them. It is also very effective for deterring your dog because of the strong scent of vinegar. This solution is made by simply mixing vinegar with water.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice in a bowl sitting on a wooden table sitting next to a cutting board containing lemon halves

Just like vinegar, lemons also have an acidic smell that is very annoying for canines. Therefore, you can squeeze the juice of some lemons into some water to prepare this natural solution. Spray this mixture on your carpet and it will prevent your dog from peeing on it. The refreshing scent of lemons will also eradicate the pungent smell of dog urine.

Purchasable Cleaning Solutions

Using commercial solutions for cleaning dog pee is one of the most effective alternatives. All of these chemicals remove urine odors from your rugs, and some of them are also useful in discouraging your dog from future accidents. The following product is quite popular and is used to achieve both these goals.

Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator by Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle P-96987 Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator Dog, For Severe Dog Messes, Sunny Lemon Scent,32 oz

The powerful enzymatic formula of this cleaner (found on Amazon) is suitable to eliminate the toughest of stains. Likewise, it discourages re-soiling by removing the odor from the area of the accident. The smell of lemon (in the solution) also plays an important role in this because it is irritating for pups. All in all, it is an amazing product to prevent your dog from peeing on a carpet.

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Peeing on the Carpet?

Golden retriever puppy being scolded for peeing on rug

Other than providing basic potty training, you can take the following steps if your dog keeps peeing on your carpet.

Have Regular Bathroom Breaks

This method is especially favorable for puppies because they pee more than adult dogs. Therefore, you should keep complete track of your pup’s visits to the bathroom and ensure that he/she is getting enough opportunities to urinate at the appropriate place.

Avoid Punishment for Accidents

Harsh treatment (with your dog) is never advised because punishing will lead to negative reinforcement. Additionally, it will also affect your relationship with your pet. Therefore, if you have caught your furry companion peeing on your carpet, calmly relocate him/her to the bathroom. Don’t forget to clean the mess methodically to avoid more accidents in the future.

Go Out Often

Golden retriever outdoors in tall grass

Schedule regular outings with your dog so that you are always outside when he/she needs to pee. Ideally, you should reach your pup’s toilet five minutes before he/she typically uses the bathroom. However, you may have to sacrifice your comfort because you will need to go outside several times a day. In some cases, you may need to take your dog to the washroom during the night, as well.

Reward Good Behavior

Praising your pup is an important part of dog training as it motivates your pup to perform and learn faster. Therefore, you should always reward your pooch whenever he/she successfully relieves himself/herself at the chosen spot. Other than using dog treats and toys, some words of appreciation can also do wonders during bathroom training.

Rescheduling with the Growth

As puppies grow older, the number of visits to the bathroom decreases, especially at night. Therefore, a healthy, adult dog normally requires fewer visits to the toilet than a puppy.

However, the schedule will quickly change as your canine grows old because his/her ability to hold will decrease. Hence, you should adjust the schedule of your pooch according to his/her needs and form a nice routine. This routine will help you to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet or, at least, minimize future accidents.

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