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Help! My Dog Peed on My Couch in Front of Me

Brown and white dog sitting on gray couch in black and white color schemed living room

It can be very frustrating if your dog peed on your couch, especially when he/she did it in front of you. It may seem like your dog did this on purpose, that’s not true in all instances. Several reasons, including certain medical conditions, can make your pup urinate on your couch. Keep reading to know more about these causes and the ways to stop your dog from peeing on your couch in front of you.

Why Did My Dog Pee on My Couch in Front of Me?

Some owners believe that their canine friends urinate on the furniture as a sign of revenge or dominance. According to Pets Funnies, this is nothing more than a misconception. In fact, your dog could be peeing on your couch because of his/her submissive nature. The following are some reasons due to which your dog might have peed on your couch in front of you.

Territorial Marking

Orange couch with pee stain down the side

Dogs mark their territory to keep other canines away from their area. They, usually, do so by urinating on upright items, like chairs and couches. This behavior is more common in intact male dogs, and that’s why some owners feel neutering can solve this problem. However, that’s not true in all situations because dogs will continue marking if their territory is threatened. 

Submissive Behavior

This is a massive problem with those canines who have gone through traumatic experiences. They develop a submissive behavior and will urinate upon seeing their owner entering the room. Although they can be trained to avoid indoor urination, the training is not always effective and accidents can happen. Therefore, dogs with submissive behavior should not be allowed on the furniture.

Separation Anxiety

Dog behind a grate on hard wood floors

Dogs are social beings who need the company and love of their people. They don’t like long spells of loneliness and can develop separation anxiety. In this condition, your pup is quite likely to urinate on your couch in front of you. This is because he/she is excited to see his/her owner and wants to show some respect (submissive behavior).

Health Issues

Cuteness explains that many medical problems lead to frequent urination in dogs. For example, kidney disease and diabetes are among the biggest causes of inappropriate elimination. Likewise, bladder stones and infections can also make your pooch pee on your couch. In the case of senior dogs, Cushing’s disease could also be responsible for this behavior.

Urinary Incontinence

Dog being fussed at for pee spot on puppy pee pad

According to Pet MD, some dogs can develop urinary incontinence as they age. Some common symptoms of incontinence include uncontrolled urination, excessive drinking, pain while urinating, and blood in the urine. If you observe any of these signs in your pup, take him/her to the vet for a detailed checkup. Your vet may prescribe medications or suggest surgery to cure this problem.

What to Do if My Dog Peed on My Couch in Front of Me?

Some of the methods that can help dog owners to solve this problem are explained below.

Limit Access

Great Pyrenees laying on wood floor in front of a yellow couch

This is the most obvious solution to keep your couch safe from your dog’s pee. Many owners allow their dogs to join them on the couch while playing. This gives an impression to your furry friend that he/she can relax at this spot. To counter that, you should train your dog in a way that your couch becomes a no-entry zone for him/her.

Use Puppy Pads

These pads are extremely effective at keeping your furniture safe from dog urine. Not only do they absorb the liquid, but they are also helpful in deodorizing your home. These pads are available in different sizes and you can get the most suitable ones for your pup. If you own a large breed, you can also use the pads that are made for humans.   

Improve the Bonding with Your Dog

If your canine companion has peed on your couch due to the lack of attention, try to spend some quality time with him/her. Simply take him/her for a walk or talk with your pooch while you are in the house. You can also schedule some additional play sessions to strengthen the bond with your dog.

Visit Your Vet

Shaggy dog being examined by vet

If you feel that your dog has peed on your couch (in front of you) because of a medical reason, you should immediately make an appointment with your vet. The veterinarian will perform different diagnostic tests to find the exact cause of the problem. Once the disease is diagnosed, he/she will recommend an appropriate treatment.

In most cases, some dietary changes and certain medications are suggested to treat the problem. For example, if your dog is suffering from a bacterial infection that is leading to incontinence, antibiotics will be prescribed. Similarly, a diet with fewer carbohydrates is recommended for diabetic dogs.  

Consult a Dog Behaviorist

If your pup is urinating on the couch to get your attention, you will need to re-train him/her to stop this behavior. It can be quite difficult to change the habits of an adult canine because dogs are a creature of routine. Therefore, you may require the services of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to change this annoying habit.

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