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Help! My Dog Keeps Peeing in the Same Spot on the Wood Floor

Pomeranian laying on hard wood floor

Although occasional accidents are quite normal, frequent episodes of house-soiling can be very distressing for dog owners. This problem can become even more troublesome if you have wooden flooring in your house. If your dog keeps peeing in the same spot on the wood floor, read on to know the causes and possible solutions to this problem.

Why is My Dog Peeing in the Same Spot?

It can be extremely frustrating when your dog pees in the same spot that you had just cleaned. The following are some reasons that could be responsible for this irritating behavior.

Preferred Surface – Some canines are brought up in a place where they used to pee on a wooden surface. Therefore, they adapt to the feel of wood and are comfortable while eliminating on it. If you own such a pup, he/she will prefer to urinate on the wood floor.

Enticing Scents – Even if you have cleaned the floor, dogs can sense the scent of an old urine stain. Consequently, your dog will keep peeing in the same spot on the wood floor if you haven’t cleaned the stain completely. 

Territorial Marking – Dogs use their urine as a social networking tool as they communicate with other canines through it. They mark their territory by eliminating at certain spots to keep other dogs away. Alternatively, intact male canines also indulge in marking behavior due to their sex hormones.  

What Can I Do if My Dog is Peeing in the Same Spot on the Wood Floor?

seam between two planks of hard wood floor with water damage

Dog urine can wreak havoc on your wooden floors and it’s important to deal with it while it’s moist. Other than the moisture, the acidic chemicals also have a destructive impact on the wood. Therefore, it’s critical to change your pup’s behavior to preserve the beauty and value of your home. If your dog keeps peeing on the wood floor, you can try the following precautionary techniques to solve the problem. 

Neuter Your Dog

According to VCA Hospitals, neutering a male dog reduces marking in more than 80% of dogs. Likewise, it can also eliminate this behavior in about 40% of dogs. In most cases, it usually takes a few weeks for the effects of neutering to appear. It’s highly recommended to neuter your pup early because marking patterns can be difficult to break in adulthood.     

Remove Dog Urine Smell

Immediate cleaning (after an accident) is necessary to preserve the wooden floor by preventing permanent stains. You also need to ensure that the area de-odorized to avoid more accidents in the future. The Dogington Post explains an efficient way of cleaning dog urine from the wood floor.

  • Soak the Urine with Paper Towels – Place some paper towels on the urine puddle and try to absorb as much urine as possible. Once all the wet urine is blotted up, rinse the spot with a damp towel cloth. You can use a dry towel to wipe away the extra moisture.
  • Use Baking Soda to Deodorize the Floor – While the floor is still damp, put a substantial amount of baking soda on the same spot. Leave it for at least a few hours (ideally overnight) and the baking soda will absorb the odor. The moisture on the floor will help the baking soda to soak up more effectively.
  • Vacuum the Baking Soda – After that, use a soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda from the floor. Never use a hard brush for this step because it can damage the floor.
  • Clean with a Safe Enzyme-Based Cleaner – Now, soak the same spot with an enzyme-based cleaner that is safe for wooden flooring. You can test the cleaner in the corner of your room or inside a closet.
  • Mop the Floor with a Dog-Safe Floor Cleaner – Once you have removed the dog urine from the floor, clean it with a floor cleaner. Just make sure that the cleaner can be used on the wood floor.   

Try Repellents

Person with gloves, a spray bottle and a rag cleaning wood floor

Pet Helpful mentions that the enticing smell of previous accidents can make the spot tempting for your pup. If your dog keeps peeing in the same spot on the wood floor despite regular cleaning, you can use repellents to keep him/her away. Some of the most common and effective repellents are listed below.

  • Vinegar solution
  • Citronella Oil
  • Cayenne Pepper or Chilli Powder

Feed Your Dog in that Spot

Placing your dog’s food bowls near the marking spot is one of the most effective solutions. The Nest explains that canines don’t eliminate where they eat and will consider this location a place to eat. You can also place the toys and bed of your pup in that area to make it his/her private “room”.

Make a Safe Spot for Your Dog

Dog pee pad next to sliding door on hard wood floors

If your dog suffers from incontinence (or any other medical condition) and can’t hold for long enough, create an indoor bathroom for him/her. You can place some puppy pads in that area to encourage your pooch to eliminate in this spot.

Additionally, offer a treat to your pup whenever he/she uses the “bathroom” to provide positive reinforcement. It is an effective method to housetrain your dog and will be very helpful in solving this problem.

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