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Help! My Dog Will Not Pee Outside

Yellow Labrador Puppy looking up at the camera while sitting in grass.

Having a pooch is awesome, but having his/her pee on your carpet or anywhere inside your house is not acceptable. If your dog is exhibiting the same conduct and will not pee outside, this article can be quite helpful for you. Let’s discuss some root causes for this misbehavior and learn how to train your dog to pee outside.

Why is My Dog Not Peeing Outside?

Several reasons can compel your pup to pee inside your house. Some of the most common ones among them are as follows.

Medical Reasons

Old brown and white hound being hugged by vet while sitting on exam table.

K9 of Mine says that your dog will not pee outside if he/she is having health problems. For example, dog dementia is a common disease that might cause your pup to pee wherever he/she is standing. Under this affliction, your dogs will forget that they had drunk enough water making them feel full all the time. They will be unable to control the urge thus peeing wherever they are standing.

Urinary tract infections can also be a likely cause of inappropriate urination. According to American Kennel Club, this is a very painful condition for your furry friend as he/she feels pain in the bladder while peeing. These infections can lead to severe medical conditions, like bladder cancer or kidney diseases, and must be tackled urgently.

The orthopedic condition of your pooch can also stop him/her from peeing outside. Maybe the yard or garden is away from your dog’s comfort zone and his/her limbs are torturing him/her while walking. If that’s the case, your dog will not go outside to pee and urinate inside the house.

Environmental Reasons

Boxer looking over his shoulder at a garden bed.

Natural Dog Owner mentions that a traumatic experience creates an unimaginable fear of going outside for a dog. Maybe he/she got hurt while peeing in the garden and is now reluctant to go outside to urinate.

Other than that, extreme weather conditions also mean that your dog will not pee outside. Whether it is burning summer or frosty winters, your doggo will refrain from going outside. Similarly, an environment with plenty of irritants, such as pollens, mosquitos, or fleas, can force your dog to stay indoors.

Lack of Training

Canines that are potty trained can cause a lot of problems for their owners. Being little messy devils, they will pee wherever they like, without considering the repercussions. Therefore, dogs must be trained properly to pee outside.

What Can I Do If My Dog Will Not Pee Outside?

Close up of a Jack Russell Terrier laying on a bed with someone's hand on their back

There are many suitable suggestions to make your furry friend pee outside. Some of these solutions are discussed below.

Get Proper Checkup

There is a great chance that your doggo might be suffering from an elusive affliction (like urinary tract infection) that is causing him/her to pee inside your house. Regular visits to the vet can help you control this problem as he/she can diagnose the underlying problem.

Set Up a Proper Peeing Routine

Small dog looking up over edge of a table with an alarm clock on it.

Dogs are a creature of habit and stick very faithfully with their routine. They like to follow a routine for all of their daily actions and peeing is no exception. That’s why Wikihow suggests you build a proper routine for your dog by taking him/her outside every morning. According to PetMD, it takes 8 to 10 hours for your dog to digest his/her food. Hence, you should schedule the peeing routine accordingly.

Change the Kennel Position

Senior canines have difficulty walking when their muscles and joints become stiff. They will avoid any muscular pain and will feel no need to go outside for peeing. Therefore, you must try to place their kennel near the door to make it easy (for them) to reach their peeing spot.

Ensure Regular Strolls

A housebound dog that does not explore the outer world is more likely to pee inside the house. To counter that, you must take your pooch on regular strolls outside the house. This will help them get familiarized with the environment.  Also, make him/her drink a lot of water before going on a walk so that he/she could urinate outside.

How to Train a Dog to Pee Outside?

Black and White Boston terrier  peeing on shrubs next to a curb.

The following is an effective way of training your dog to pee outside.


The name of the method is pretty self-explanatory. In this training, you train your pooch to ring the bell whenever the urge to pee is overwhelming. Keep reading to know about the steps of teaching this method to your canine friend.

Introduce the Bell to Your Dog

Place the bell on the floor and use a treat to get your dog’s attention. Place a treat near the bell. Then, ring the bell without giving your dog the food.

Reward Your Dog for Ringing the Bell

dachshund sitting on hard wood floor next to a wall with a bell in front of them on the floor.

When the dog comes near the bell and successfully rings it, give him/her the treat. However, throw the treat a little away from your pooch so that he/she has to fetch it. This will urge your dog to return to the bell and ring it again. Repeat this step multiple times.

Place the Bell Near the Door

Whenever your dog rings the bell, open the door and point outside. You can also throw a tasty treat outside to make him/her go out.

Stop Your Dog from Peeing Inside

Keep a hawk eye over your dog and put him/her on a leash. If he/she tries to pee while being indoors, pull the leash and give the “Out” command.

Test Your Dog’s Learning

Lastly, you must test whether your dog has learned this technique or not. Make your furry friend drink a lot of water. Once he/she feels the urge to pee, wait for him/her to ring the bell. If he/she does that, open the door so that your pooch can go outside to pee.

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