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How to Keep a Dog from Jumping Off of a Bed?

miniature Australian shepherd standing on a bed

Does your dog jump off of the bed? Yes, then it is an alarming situation because it can cause serious injuries, like fracturing bones or tearing tendons, to your dog. However, falling from the bed is not common for pups so there must be some reason for this behavior. Keep reading to know about these reasons and the ways to stop your dog from jumping off of a bed.

Why Does My Dog Jump Off of the Bed?

Most dog owners prefer a bed for their dogs to make them feel comfortable and give them a relaxing sleep. Unfortunately, some dogs develop a habit of jumping off of the bed and can get injured in the process. But, why do they do that? Read on to find out the possible reasons that can cause dogs to jump off the bed.   

Uncomfortable Bed

dark- black and white photo of an old iron bed next to a window

This is probably the most common reason that can cause a dog to jump out of his/her bed. It disturbs the sleep of your pooch and there are chances that he/she becomes stubborn and prefers the floor as his/her bed.


Pet Dog Owner mentions that late-night hunger can also be responsible for this behavior. This usually happens when the dog knows that breakfast is a long time away. Also, if the dog didn’t eat much in the evening, he/she can leave the bed (for food) during the night.

Needs to Go to the Toilet

This is one of the major causes due to which your dog is jumping off from a bed. This problem is more common among puppies or elderly dogs because they can’t hold themselves for long. When canines feel they can’t hold the urge to eliminate, they will leave the bed to relieve themselves.

Sudden Noises

Corgi looking startled over person's shoulder who is holding them. On a white background.

Hearing some unwanted, scary, or sudden noises can also make your dog jump off of the bed. In some cases, your pooch may even run out of the room.

Medical Conditions

Various health issues can force your pooch to get out of bed during the night. For example, your dog can experience stomach pain if he/she ate too much or has any digestive problems. Similarly, dealing with some kind of pain (due to different reasons) can cause him/her to jump off of the bed.

What can I Do to Keep My Dog from Jumping Off of the Bed?

Beagle standing on piece of furniture next to a window.

Jumping from the bed can be quite risky, especially for older dogs or puppies, as they can fall badly. The bones of puppies or senior dogs are not strong enough and a bad fall can result in many serious injuries. Therefore, Dog Vills that it’s imperative to control this behavior to escape health complications. The following are some solutions that can help you to stop your dog from jumping off of the bed.

Visit The Vet

Dogs are quite good at hiding pain and it’s the job of the owner to look for signs of discomfort. For example, in the case of blindness, your dog might fall from a bed because he/she can’t see. Medical conditions can not only alter your dog’s moving ability, but they can also make them jump off the bed. Hence, you should take your dog to the vet regularly to keep them safe and healthy.

Adjust the Bed Alongside the Wall

According to My Sporty Pet, this solution is particularly effective for puppies. Place your bed in such a way that the bed is against the wall and the legs of your dog are stuck between the wall and the bed. You can even wedge some type of towels along the mattress side to provide extra protection (and comfort).

Use Bed Rails

Blue iron bed with side rails.

If your dog sleeps on your bed, you can install railings on the side of the bed he/she prefers. Rails (paid link) are quite effective at stopping your dog from falling off the bed. However, you need to be careful as with time dogs might find a way of jumping off from this hurdle. This can be extremely dangerous because they could end up hurting their head.

Alternatively, you can also make some pillow railing or a barrier by stacking pillows on the edges of your bed.

Set a Regular Routine

Many problems, like toilet needs and hunger, can be resolved by setting up a routine for your dog. For example, if your dog leaves the bed to pee, make it a routine to have him/her urinate before bedtime. Similarly, you should schedule and maintain his/her eating time to avoid irregular hunger.  

Use a Low Bed

This is one of the best possible solutions to prevent a dog from jumping off of the bed. A low bed (paid link) that is close to the floor significantly reduces the chances of injury even if your pooch falls. You can also buy a lower frame and adjust your mattress in it.

Provide a Comfortable Dog Bed

Yellow Labrador on a fuzzy brown dog bed, sleeping.

Most dogs love to sleep with their owners and this is why many owners don’t get an extra dog bed. It might work well with puppies, but this is not very viable when your dog grows up. Your adult pooch will need a comfortable separate bed (paid link) to enjoy a good sleep.

Dog beds are not very big and can be easily placed in your bedroom. To make your dog familiar with his/her own bed, you need to encourage him/her by placing your stuff on it. Your smell will make it easier for your pooch to use the dog bed.

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