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How to Stop a Dog Jumping on a Windowsill?

Jack Russell Terrier sitting in windowsill among potted plants and decorations

No one wants their pooch to get hurt or damage the property. Unfortunately, some dogs develop the habit of jumping over windows despite the fact it can be dangerous as well as annoying. If your furry friend is exhibiting this behavior, then this article can be a perfect guide for you. Keep reading to stop your dog from jumping on a windowsill. 

Why Does My Dog Jump on a Windowsill? 

There can be several reasons for jumping your canine over windows. Some most relevant reasons are discussed below.

Environmental Factors 

According to WagWalking, many external factors can compel your pup to jump on a windowsill. For example, environmental factors such as vibrant colors, squirrels, and birds are instrumental in your pooch’s behavior. Clamor is another reason that gives initiative to your dog to show enthusiasm. Verily you are not ready for it. 

Medical Reasons 

Yellow Labrador at vet

Some internal problems can make your furry friend jumps over a windowsill. Anxiety and Stress are one of the biggest contributors in this regard similarly, If your pooch is suffering from a bad healthcare routine, expect him/her to show this negative behavior.

The attention-seeking nature of your dog can be another problem because It can coerce him/her to jump on the windowsill. Moreover, if your doggo is suffering from ill sightedness and/or deafness, then he/she is more likely to misbehave.

Lack of attention 

If you are not giving proper time to your pooch, he/she can show deviant conduct. If you leave your dog alone for long spells or he/she is feeling bored, your pup might try to jump over the window ledge to get some pleasure. Likewise, a canine is hungry, thirsty, or in a painful condition can also create this problem. 

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on a Windowsill? 

Pug in a windowsill looking out at the snow

It can be quite a frustrating situation if your pooch tends to jump over the windowsill regularly. Therefore, it must be addressed timely because it is easier to teach new things to small puppies. Although for a young dog, you have to be patient. WikiHow suggests some solutions that will help you to train your doggo.

Understand the Behavior 

This training technique falls under the Aversion method. In this method, you need to start by comprehending the behavior of your pooch. Why does he/she jump near the window? Once you identify the right cause, you will be able to take appropriate action.

For instance, you have figured out that your pup is misbehaving due to a lack of fun time, taking him/her to the park will resolve the issue. Also, get a proper check-up for a better understanding of your doggy’s behavior. 

Alter the Greeting Style 

If there is nothing wrong and your dog is still jumping on a windowsill, you need to discourage his/her behavior. Let suppose you have provided everything to your pooch, but he/she still teases you, then start discouraging his/her behavior. Changing the greeting style can be helpful in this regard. For example, if you generally get excited when meeting your dog after a long break, try to ignore him/her. Your excitement can spoil his/her training. Therefore, you need to be firm and forbearing during training tenure.  

Discourage the Behavior 

Old Jack Russell Terrier in a windowsill

Daily puppy suggests that all you need to do is watch your dog like a hawk. As soon as your pooch starts jumping near the window, make a noise by using a coin container or squirt some water on him/her. In this way, your pup will get to know that you are discouraging his/her jumping behavior. You can repeat this training multiple times and your dog will ultimately stop doing this.  

Teach Off/No Command

Training your pooch the Off command can help you to resolve this issue. Place some treats on the floor near the windowsill. Call your puppy’s name and point towards the food. When he/she jumps, say off/no. Hold the food in your hand and reward him/her for obedience. 

Hide the Window 

Try to hide the windows with different objects. Among various things, balloons can be very helpful. They will attract your dog to jump and the balloon will be burst by your dog’s paws. The unpleasant sound will stop your dog from jumping over the windowsill. 

Confine the Dog 

Corgi in a playpen

If you are in a hurry and your guests are about to come, you can enclose your dog in a crate. Although this is a short-term solution, it is very effective. 

Tips to Prevent a Dog from Jumping on a Windowsill 

In addition to these preventative measures, you can also use various tips to stop your dog from jumping on a windowsill. Pet-proof living suggests some following tips in this regard 

Use a step stool  

Boston Terrier coming down a step latter on a white background

It will help you to show an outside view to your dog. It can be quite helpful to make your dog behave nicely. Proper training will make your pup learn how to step on the stool and look outside.  

Change your pooch’s location

This will help you to limit your dog’s view. It will make sure that he/she will not be distracted easily and stays focused on the training.  

Distract your doggo

This will provide you a better chance to alter his/her jumping behavior. You can use numerous distracting tools such as toys. Your pooch will give his/her energy to the distracting object and will forget about looking outside through the window. 

Appreciate your pup

Woman with curly blond hair hugging a poodle mix on a white background

Rewarding or praising your pup’s obedience is always helpful in teaching him/her good manners. Give your dog playtime, yummy treats, and affection when he follows your commands.  

Make your pooch comfortable

Having a calm and pain-free dog can help you to stop him/her from jumping on a windowsill. If your dog is happy and healthy, and pain-free then you can expect good conduct from him/her.  

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