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10 Hawaiian Dog Commands

Yellow Labrador Retriever with a wreath of flowers on its head, lying on a beach with waved in the background.

Training your puppy might not be as difficult as it seems. Sometimes it is more fun to teach your dog to help them respond to you accordingly. Also, there are several languages in which you can train your dog. Now, let’s dive into some of the most interesting Hawaiian dog commands! 

Hawaiian Dog Commands 

Aloha! You are probably looking to train your pup to become a well-mannered pet and behave well indoors or outdoors. Sometimes, it can be challenging to teach your dog in English command because it is an everyday language, and your dog might get confused. However, you can use the following Hawaiian dog commands to teach your dog


Black and tan Chihuahua wearing a floral shirt, sitting on a beach with a palm tree in background.

This dog command is used to make your pet sit. It is one of the easiest dog commands and is also used for teaching other instructions to your puppy. Start by offering your dog a treat close to his nose, so that he tries to reach it with paws. Wait for your dog to lower his back and sit down while he tries to get it. Once he does that, reward him with a treat, and this behavior will be reinforced.

 is generally used to make your dog stay. Even if you have a grown-up pup, there is still time to teach them to stay at their place. It can sometimes be challenging, but here is how to do it seamlessly. Hold a treat in your hand and start making eye contact with your dog. While holding the treat, say stay multiple times and see whether or not your dog stays if he does that reward him with a treat with appreciation.


Golden Retriever with a piece of driftwood in its mouth running on beach.

The Hawaiian command ki’i is used to teach your dog to fetch objects. Throw a toy or any object in any direction and say ‘Fetch.’ Wait for your dog to go towards that toy and give it back to you. When your dog picks it up, praise him and give treats for encouragement. Keep repeating this process until he finally fetches the object.

Kauoha Kuekue

Kauoha kuekue means ‘heel’ in Hawaiian. This command lets your dog walk right beside you. You can make your dog follow your command with the help of treats. Just hold the treat in the front when he walks by your side. This encourages him to walk right beside you rather than going in different directions. Repeat this process multiple times, and your dog will learn to heel on command!

Hele Mai

Boston Terrier coming toward the camera on a beach

This command refers to the ‘come here’ command. This command is used to make your dog come to you and stay by your side. Make sure the dog can focus on toys before you teach the come command. Also, ensure that there are no distracting items around to avoid any inconvenience. You need to hold his favorite toy in your hand and show him from the distance and say come here. This will encourage him to come to you in no time. Repeat this command more than once until your dog gets the hang of it.


Mâlie is the Hawaiian word for ‘stand. To teach this command to your dog, you need to hold the treat in front of his/her nose and say stand. Once the dog tries to reach the treat, begin pulling it very slowly towards you. As soon as he stands, praise it, click your clicker, and hand it the treat. Repeat the process until you reach the desired result.


German shepherd lying down in the sand on a beach

This command is used to make your dog lie down. This can be a tricky command especially if you own a stubborn dog. You will also need to use tasty treats to teach your dog this tricky command. Hold the treat near your dog’s nose so your dog can get a better whiff. Also, you can rub the treat to the ground because your dog will follow the treat. Repeat this process and see the change.


This command is used to teach your dog to go for anything you ask for. The go command is pretty basic and is one of the easiest ones to teach. Once your dog looks at you, point your hand at a toy or an object and loudly say Go. Once he does that, you can reward him for coming to you. This will help your dog in learning the command quickly because he will be focused on the treat.


Black dog covered in sand on the beach

Aʻole is the Hawaiian version of ‘no.’ To teach your dog the no command, make sure your dog is hungry before starting the training. Put a treat near his mouth and firmly say ‘no’ and then close your fist. You may need to repeat this training more than once.


This command is to teach your dog how to wait. For teaching this command, you need to hold any object like toys or a treat. A treat would do a lot better than a toy here. Hold a treat in front of him and say wait. If he stays at his place, it means you have succeeded. That will teach them how to stay patient unless you ask them to do something.

We hope these Hawaiian dog commands were helpful for your dog’s training. Also, teaching them in different languages might be more interesting for a pet like a dog, so follow them correctly. All the dog owners out there are highly recommended to teach their pets proper dog training. Even people from other continents can try Hawaiian dog commands. If you still feel skeptical about it, you must give it a try and see the fun. Did these dog commands help you train your dog? Let us know below!

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