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7 Fun Commands to Teach Your Dog

Man with dark hair, beard and mustache holding a cocker spaniel outdoors near the woods

Teaching different dog commands to your pup can help you maintain a healthy relationship with him/her. This interaction not only makes your dogs obedient but also allows them to learn different fun tricks. Read on to learn about some fun commands to teach to your dog and have a memorable time.    

Fun Commands for Your Dog

Several dog commands can be entertaining for you and your pup. However, we will be discussing the 7 most common fun commands to teach your dog.


Yellow Lab outdoors in grass covered yard, barking.

This dog command can be extremely beneficial for resolving common behavioral problems. For example, it can help you deal with the negative habit of excessive barking. You can also have some fun by showing it as your dog’s conversational skill in friends and family gatherings.

Start by figuring out the time or circumstances in which your canine friend tends to bark. Once you have the notes, loudly say the word “speak” every time you feel your dog is going to bark. If your pup responds to your command and barks, reward him/her a treat. For appropriate learning, practice the command many times a day.


Brindle colored terrier/ hound mix with paw lifted to shake persons hand outdoors in grass

The training of this command can be slightly easy because most dogs are naturally inclined to use their paws. This fun command allows your cute canine to greet your guests by shaking hands/paws with them. This act will surely make your pup friendlier with your friends and family.

For training the command, tell your dog to sit on the floor. Now, vaguely pick up the dog’s paw, hold it for 2-3 seconds, and then give some shakes to it. While shaking, use the word “shake” to add a verbal cue. In the end, reward your dog for good behavior with a treat and praise. Keep repeating the process until your pup is shaking your hand on command.  


Australian shepherd with paw lifted as in salute against a seafoam green backgroun

This is another cool (and fun) trick to teach your dog. Saluting is an extremely common gesture and can be really entertaining, especially for the kids. Buckhead Paws mention that it is a slightly tricky command to teach, but it’s worth the effort.

The training begins by making your pup sit down. After that, take a small piece of tape and stick it to just above your dog’s eye. As he/she raises a paw to remove the tape, use the command “Salute” and give him/her a treat. Have some patience and keep practicing this command. If you are persistent enough, your dog will master this fun trick.

High Five

Yellow Labrador Retriever giving man a high five

High five is an extremely common gesture, especially among friends. Dogs are considered a man’s best companion and you must try to teach your furry friend this fun command. You can also use this command for celebrating whenever your pooch learns a new trick.

Command your dog to sit and hold a treat in front of your pup. As the dog tries to get the treat, pull your hand back to take it away from his/her reach. At that moment, tap his/her paw (as most dogs naturally raise their paw towards the treat) and say “high five”. If your pooch does make a successful tap, catch your dog’s paw and reward him/her with a treat.


Brown and white dog with paw lifted in air, waving

This dog command allows your pup to say goodbye whenever someone is leaving the house. The prior knowledge of the shake command can be quite useful to teach this fun command to your dog.

Start the training by saying the word “shake” and shake the paw of your canine friend. After that, shake your hand without touching the paw (hand signal) and use the verbal command “wave”, simultaneously. If your dog waves back at you, offer him/her a treat as a reward.


Hound dog with long floppy ears, spinning in circles

Spinning is always a fun-loving command for dogs. The Spruce Pets explain that teaching this fun command to your dog is an amazing way to create a strong bond with him/her. Additionally, the obedience of your dog in this command can also amaze your friends.

Start the training of this command by holding a treat near to your pup’s nose. Now, slowly rotate your hand (having the treat) and use the command “Spin”. This movement will easily tempt your pup into a spin.

Offer the treat to your pup whenever he/she starts to spin on your command. You can also teach him/her to spin in a particular direction by using the same process. This fun command might require some repetitions to get the desired results.


Jack Russell Terrier running across yard with blue dog bone toy in mouth

Dogs love to play the game of fetch, and that’s why this trick is so popular in the canine world. This command can also be used for teaching several other fun tricks, like water fetch. For training this command, we use the favorite toy, treat or object of your dog to gain his/her attention.

Tell the dog to sit and display his/her favorite toy (e.g. a ball). Place the toy in front of your pup (at some distance) to urge him/her to get it. You can also move the object in different directions to encourage your pup to touch the object. Offer your pup a treat on every successful touch.

Once your dog has got the hang of things, it’s time to add the verbal command “Fetch”. Repeat the process and again give a treat if the command is obliged. You can also expand this training for indoor or outdoor games depending upon the space in your house.   

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