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Training Two Dogs to Walk Together

2 Corgis on leashes on a sidewalk

Many dog enthusiasts love keeping more than one dog with them. If you also want to raise two dogs together, it’s imperative to consider some important factors. For instance, training two dogs to walk together is one of those things that can be quite challenging to manage.

You need to take a lot of things into account before walking two dogs together. For example, an analysis of their behavior and how they get along in routine is crucial. Read on to know some valuable insights about teaching two dogs to walk together.

How to Train Two Dogs to Walk Together?

The very first thing that you need to ensure before walking two dogs together is that they are friendly with each other. Similarly, both your pooches must be aware of some fundamental dog commands, like ‘Leave it!’ and ‘heel!’.

Probably the most important criterion for training two dogs to walk together is leash training. This means that both the canines should be comfortable with walking on a leash, separately. All in all, we can say that walking together can only be possible with trained dogs.

Gather Treats and Water

Small dog bone shaped treats on a tray

Proper planning and preparation are necessary to train your dogs. You should arrange a sufficient supply of treats (paid link) and water to keep your dog focused on the job. In case your dogs get distracted and start pulling the leash, treats will be helpful in enticing and calming them down.

Treats can also be coupled with a dog command, like ‘Leave it!’, to direct the dogs. On the other hand, water will be essential for keeping your dogs hydrated in hot weather.

Choose a Distraction-free Spot

2 large whit dogs on leashes in a field of tall grass and wildflowers

Distractions can be detrimental for any dog training. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them or at least minimize them as much as possible. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to choose the least crowded place, especially in the early days of training.

Another way of dealing with distractions is to create your own distractions. You can easily avoid any nuisance by keeping your dogs occupied with clickers or treats, in presence of other distractions.

Hold the Leash Properly

A Dalmatian and a husky walking on leashes on a woodland trail

Walking two dogs together requires some readjustment in the way you clutch the leash. Some owners appreciate tangling both leashes around one hand while others prefer to hold the leashes separately in two hands. The method of gripping needs to be adjusted by the walker himself/herself in the way he/she feels comfortable. You can also choose between the waist leash or the traditional one based on your comfort.

Shorten the Leash

Beagle on a leash being walked on a trail by a person in pink high tops

It is an extremely important trick for controlling the dogs while walking. If your dog starts pulling the leash obsessively, you can constrain their hyper movement if by shortening the leash. This is because it forces the dog to stay tightly close to the owner. It may sound easy, but a lot of training is required to perfect this method. It’s important because it can go from bad to worse if your dog gets further irritated by this action.

Reward Your Dog

Jack Russell Terrier sitting next to a door being given a dog treat

Positive reinforcement is very effective for any sort of dog training. Hence, you should always end a successful walk on a high note by giving your pup his/her favorite treat. You should never stretch the walk time unnecessarily (out of greed) if things are going well. If your dogs are maintaining the discipline, don’t wait for his/her abolition and keep the training sessions short.

Tips to Make Two Dogs Walk Together

The following are some useful tips that can help you train two dogs to walk together.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Man walking 4 dogs along a side walk

The right choice of shoes is very important if you are planning to take two dogs for a walk. You can’t just go on a walk while wearing crocs or sandals as it can lead to some serious problems. For example, it will be harder to comply trigger movements of your dogs when they will pull the leash. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to wear a pair of sneakers (or joggers).

Let Your Dogs Adjust

A pug and a Westie being walked on leashes, on a side walk

Try to keep the training shorter, especially in the beginning. Longer walks often result in boredom and your dogs become less likely to maintain the necessary discipline. Hence, they will start tugging the leash and behave doggedly. You might also consider adding breaks in your training and let dogs sniff around a while during the walk.

Avoid Retractable Leash

back view of person walking their dog on a retractable leash
Back view o

It is not a good idea to use a retractable leash for teaching two dogs to walk together. These leashes get entangled very quickly and it will extremely difficult to handle both the dogs. The owner can lose his/her balance and even fall in the process.  

Use Appropriate Equipment

Red dog leash on a white backgroun

It is desirable to use good quality dog leashes (paid link) for taking two canines on a walk, simultaneously. It would be even better if the leashes are of the same size. Similarly, using a dog leash coupler (paid link) can also be a good alternative. It helps to replace two leashes with one, thus assuring the convenience of the dog walker. 

Get a Partner

Senior couple walking dogs on a beach

Recruiting another person (friend or family member) in the training will make things a lot simpler. You can put two leashes on the less trained dog. One of them will be held by you and the other by the helper.

In the beginning, the other person should have a tight hold on the leash while you can leave yours a little loose. Eventually, you can drop the second leash and only grab it when needed (extra support). In this way, you can gain more control over the undesired movements of your dogs.

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