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9 Mandarin Dog Commands

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Any dog owner should know these dog commands to help control their dog to some extent. A well-trained dog can listen to its owner’s voice commands. Now the question is: Why would any dog owner want to learn Mandarin dog commands? Since English is a widely spoken language, anyone who does not want other people to give their dogs commands can go for Mandarin as a good alternative.

Dog commands are particularly useful when you and your pet are out in public. For example, if you’re walking your dog and he chases another dog, ordering him to stop or stay is an effective way to get him to stop. Otherwise, you’d have to chase down an untrained dog for fear of him attacking someone’s pet.

Mandarin Dog Commands

Teaching your dog in a foreign language is a lot of fun. Following are nine Mandarin dog commands that you can try on your pup.


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坐下 means sit in Mandarin. You can follow these steps to teach your dog to sit: When your dog stands next to you, hold a tasty treat in your hand and bring it near your dog’s nose. Then slowly lift the treat over the dog’s head. When he raises his head for the treat, the dog’s rear will touch the ground. As soon as your dog sits, give him the treat. Go on in this approach until the dog understands.


When you need your dog to stay in one place, the 停留 command is useful. Start training by placing your dog in a sitting position and start walking backward. Reward your dog with treats for staying there. Increase the time between treats gradually. You should also start increasing distance and see if your dog stays in the sitting position for several seconds. Progress in small steps, and your dog learns to stay in one place.


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You should use the 过来 command to draw your dog’s attention to you. Begin your training in a quiet, distraction-free place, such as your own house. Show your puppy a toy or a treat, and then give him a treat if he comes to you. If the dog looks at you and starts to walk toward you after a few repetitions, add the verbal prompt such as “过来.” Your dog should now come toward you when you use this command.


A dog that barks excessively can become a problem quickly. The Mandarin dog command for quiet is 安靜. Bring your dog to a barking source, like a doorbell. As soon as the doorbell rings, place a treat under your dog’s nose and say “quiet.” Feed the treat to your dog if he stops barking. Repeat until the dog stops barking when told to be quiet.


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You can use the 趴下 command to order your dog to lie down. Hold a treat above your dog’s nose at first, then gradually lower it to the floor. Give the treat to the dog when its elbows come into contact with the ground. You can start taking your empty hand to the floor and offering the reward after your dog lies down after a few practice sessions. When you move your hand downwards, start saying “down” so your dog learns to connect the word with the action.


Use 不 to teach your dog “No” for your dog’s wellbeing and your own safety. Dogs are curious creatures and can sometimes hurt themselves while exploring. Make sure your dog is hungry before you start teaching him this order. Keep a tasty treat about 6 inches away from your dog’s nose when holding it in your hand. When your dog reaches for the treat, close your fist and firmly say “No.” Repeat this process a few times before the dog understands.


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The Mandarin dog command for heel is 脚跟. Take your dog for a stroll in a wide-open area or down a hallway with some treats. Then, when you call your dog’s name, point to the side where you want him to go. Walk forward when dangling a treat in front of your dog. Order your dog to heel after a few repetitions, and he should obey.

The opposite of training your dog to be quiet is teaching him to bark using 吠. Bring your dog up to the doorbell. If your dog barks, ring the doorbell and give him a treat while saying the word “吠.” Repeat this procedure until the dog understands how to bark on order. Encourage your dog by praising and rewarding him with treats.


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The Mandarin version (leave it) command’ 别管它 is very helpful in stopping your dog from checking out random things. For example, if your dog sees broken glass on the ground, he must step away from the fragments when told to.

You will need to keep one treat in each hand to teach this command to your dog. One should be a delectable treat, while the other can be a generic one. Hold the generic treat out for your dog to sniff. Say “别管它” and give your dog a chance to sniff the treat. Offer him the tasty treat as soon as he stops sniffing the treat. Practice this a few times before the dog understands.

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