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10 Serbian Dog Commands

Orange  and brown color themed map of some of the Serbian speaking countries with a toothpick flag resting near Serbia.

“Dođi ovamo moj Pas” Having difficulty in understanding? Anyone who is not Serbian surely can’t read it. It translates as “Come here my Dog!” and is a Serbian Dog command. Serbians boast of many different dog breeds such as Serbian Hound, Sarplaninac, Servian Tricolour Hound, and Serbian Defence dog. Owing to these numerous breeds, Serbian is a very helpful language to train your pooch. If you want to learn Serbian Dog Commands then keep reading this piece of writing.

Serbian Dog Commands

Here are some essential dog commands in Serbian and their respective learning techniques.


Sedi is the dog command that makes your dog ‘sit’. It is the most central dog command in the basic training of your pup and must be taught before many other commands.

Teaching Sedi command requires a tasty treat reward game for your doggo. Simply, hold the treat in your hand and place it in front of your canine friend. Once the pup is attentive towards you, move your hand lower and say “Sedi” in a firm tone. If your pup sits down, instantly reward him with the treat. Repeat it multiple times.


German Shepherd running through snow towards camera

Dođi is another basic dog command that means ‘come’, and it is used to call your dog towards you.

Training of this command is quite difficult. Start the training by keeping your dog on a leash. After that, stand a little further and order your doggo “Dođi” in a clear tone to come near you. Also, signal the dog with a slight tug on the leash. You can also use a tasty treat for luring your dog towards. Once it complies, reward it with a tasty treat and reinforce this behavior by repeating it multiple times.


Little pups are bound to make mistakes and you muststop them when they are beginning to do so. This Serbian command is instrumental in commanding the dog to ‘stay’.

The training must be started by giving the dog “Sedi” dog command to make it sit down. Then, immediately turn around and begin walking. If your furry friend follows you, immediately give him a hand signal to stop and say out loud Zaustaviti. If your pooch stops, then give him a tasty treat. Repeat this training multiple times to reinforce this command.


Two Beagles jumping over fallen log on grass lined dirt trail.

Skok is the command to make your dog jump. Jumping is an essential part of your furry friends and it is part of their fun factory.

Simply hold a toy in your hand. Now take that toy over the head of your dog. Then say “Skok” firmly and clearly. If your doggo successfully jumps, then reward it with the toy and pat it on the back.


Barking is an essential part of dogs’ life and cannot be relegated. But sometimes undue barking can be troublesome. Therefore, you must teach your dog the “Tiho” command, which essentially means ‘quiet’.

If you find your dog barking loudly, try to relax him/her by patting the back. Then say “Tiho” in a firm manner. Once it stops barking, give it a tasty treat. Repeat this exercise multiple times for perfect reinforcement.


Long haired tan and white dog laying in grass, outdoors with a building in the background, with one ear poking up.

If you want your dog to learn to ‘hold’ something, this is the command for you.

To teach this command, hold a toy and place it in your dog’s mouth. Then, immediately say “držati” and let your canine friend hold it for a little longer. If it successfully holds for longer, reward it with a treat of its liking. Try to repeat this instruction 2-3 times daily to strengthen the behavior.


“Pusti” means ‘leave it’ in the Serbian Language. It is a necessary dog command that must be taught to your dogs as they are quite fond of holding things in their mouths.

The dog can be trained by holding two treats in both of your hands. Hide one of the treats behind your back. Then, gain the dog’s attention and say “Pusti” to make distract it. Once it loses interest in that treat, reward it with the hidden treat.


Jack Russell Terrier outdoors in the grass, looking left.

This is the Serbian dog command for ordering your dog to turn ‘left’. Strolling with your doggo is an essential part of this master-pet relationship and you want it to turn in whatever direction you want. This instruction is quite helpful, especially when strolling with your furry friend. A fully trained doggo will instantly turn left once you say this command.

You can train your dog by placing an eye-catching and interesting object on the left side. Once your dog is interested in it and turns left, instantly say “Levo” and reward it for obeying your command. Rewarding is an essential part of this training.

Jel Tako

Like the last one, this Serbian dog command means to ‘right’. This instruction will teach it to turn right.

Again, like the last training, place an eye-catching object or a scrumptious treat on the right side of your dog. Once it turns towards it, loudly say “jel Tako” and reward it with the treat. Again, rewarding is instrumental in teaching this command.

Protresti šapu

It is very cool if you shake your hands with the paws of your furry friend. This command is just what you need and it means ‘shake paws’. It is quite easy to teach. Just hold the paws of your furry friend and shake it several times. Now, command your dog to repeat this action by saying out loud “protresti šapu”.

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