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Help! My Dog Keeps Jumping on Me and Biting

Close up of a long haired Chihuahua biting an orange sleeve on an arm.

Jumping is a natural behavior for dogs. There are some possible reasons for your dog jumping. Usually, if he wants your attention or wants something from you, your dog will jump at you! However, dog jumping and biting can become a lot worse and scarier if he goes out of your control. Sometimes it becomes more frustrating when you cannot figure out why your dog keeps jumping and biting you.

Why is My Dog Jumping Up and Bite Me?

If you plan to take your dog outside for a walk or around your house, taming him not to bite or jump is very important. There are plenty of cases being reported every year of dog bites in the US, so you should be careful as a dog owner! Well, there are possible reasons why your dog keeps jumping and biting you. Now let’s dive into some of the most generic reasons for dog bites.


Brown and white dog playfully biting a hand outdoors

Puppies and young dogs are more likely to behave this way because they are more exuberant and full of energy. These dogs enjoy being entertained in this way, so they jump up and bite randomly. Also, leaving your puppy at home for longer than expected can allow him to jump and bite on you when you get back home.

Attention Seeking

Some dogs tend to jump and bite to receive attention. Canines are often quite social and require interaction with their owners. Being ignored is a real disappointment for them, especially when they have been left alone at home for most of the day. 


Dog peaking out from under a bed covered with a fringed blanket

A dog that bites is often anxious or scared. Biting could well be a  coping mechanism for your dog If he feels anxious or scared.  It may be due to exposure to an anxiety-provoking incident. However, multiple triggers can have a cumulative effect, delaying or prolonging the behavior. 


If the dog is overstimulated and possibly getting a little cranky, he may start jumping up and biting. Many puppies misbehave when they are tired, so this is something to consider. This will also prevent your dog from jumping and biting, 


It is common for dogs to get frustrated during walks. This is due to an inability to cope with their high levels of excitement. However, some dogs may feel more frustrated when on leash because they think of it as a barrier from interacting with the environment. 

What can I do if my dog keeps jumping and biting on me?

Brown and white dog wearing a red collar biting a persons arm at the wrist, outdoors.

There isn’t anything wrong with your dog being aggressive or naughty at times; it’s just natural for them. But there are certain things that you should avoid with your puppy. This includes punishing your dog verbally or physically. However, to prevent such a scenario, you need to follow these steps carefully to train your puppy. 

Redirecting “Bad” Biting

Training your dog not to bite might not be easy as you think. Dogs can become excited very quickly and may try to bite you when he is in a good mood. However, if you feel your dog is biting too aggressively, consult your vet and a professional dog behaviorist. However, never punish your dog or be harsh with him. This just results in your dog learning more and more bad behaviors.

Let Your Dog Jump Sometimes

Jack Russell Terrier on hind legs with front paws on a pair of blue jean covered legs.

Sometimes allow your dog to jump up for attention! However, do not repeat this continuously. It can turn into bad behavior that is hard to correct.!  You should give your pup sufficient attention. But if it sits by you, tail wagging, give them the attention they crave. 

Socialize Your dog 

You can introduce your new puppy to as many new places, people, and situations, as possible. It is easier to keep things positive as your puppy will feel happier. A well-socialized puppy is not likely to indulge in aggressive behavior because he is less fearful of facing several situations.

Don’t Make Assumptions 

Close up of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy play biting a person's thumb

Dogs can bite under several different circumstances, for instance, being provoked by people. You should never assume that a dog will not bite because he is a certain breed, size, or has never shown aggression. Dogs sometimes bite playfully, but they can also bite aggressively or in self-defense. If you take your dog out a lot (which you should be), make sure to train it not to bite strangers!

Use Positive Reinforcement

Reinforcing behavior is a system of training that rewards good behaviors rather than penalizing undesirable ones. You can use treats, extra play sessions, patting, or any other activity that will have a good impact dog’s good manners. Positive reinforcement includes treats, extra playtime, verbally congratulating, petting, and any other activity your dog enjoys. Make sure to spend quality time with your dog and give it attention!

These are some of the most generic reasons why dogs jump or bite and solutions for you to train your dog. However, the dog’s behavior comes naturally, but you don’t have to worry about it and follow these steps to see adequate results. These effective steps will help you to ultimately prevent your dog from jumping and biting.

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