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How to Prevent a Dog from Jumping Over a Gate

Two dogs with front paws on top of a baby gate looking towards the camera

Is your dog mischievous and always eager to jump over the fence or gate? If your answer is yes, don’t worry because you can stop this negative behavior by distracting your dog.  Jumping over the fences or gates can have severe impacts on your pooch such as fatal injuries or accidents. In this article, we will tell you some amazing tips and solutions to prevent a dog from jumping over a gate.

Why Does My Dog Jumps Over a Gate or Fence?

As per the Central California SPCA, there are some genuine reasons why does your dog jump over the fence or gate. Some of them are mentioned below.


Usually, dogs get bored when they feel neglected or are not given proper family time. Once dogs become bored, their explorative spirit becomes dominant and they start jumping over gates or fences to explore the world beyond.

Un-neutered Male Dogs

Shaggy black and white dog smiling and showing a goofy face, outdoors in the shade.

Dogs are mammals and they have their procreative needs to be fulfilled. Male dogs are usually overwhelmed by their need to dispense their “sexual desires”. If they are not neutered properly or there is a delay in their companionship, they will try to fulfill their needs by taking matters into their own hands or I mean paws. Your pooch will try to jump over the fences to begin his “mating rituals”.

Hunting Instincts

Some dog species are inherently adept at hunting and chasing. This nature lies deep within their psyche. They are easily distracted by passersby or intruders. The list of intruders is very long which includes cats, rabbits, hamsters, or rodents. Your pooch’s “hunter instinct” will be instigated and he/she will try to catch his/her target even if your pooch means leaving the premises.

In-adequate Fencing

Sometimes, fencing done in your home is inadequate. If you had done that fencing for your puppy and now, your pup is all grown up, it will prove to be insufficient. Dogs with “escapist tendencies” are bound to run away if presented with such a golden opportunity.

How to Prevent a Dog from Jumping Over a Gate?

Golden retriever with back to camera looking out into yard at person getting into car

No one wants his/her pooch to break out from his/her control. The Nest has given some practical steps regarding how a doggo can be prevented from jumping out.

Increase the Height of Your Gate  

Thisis an extremely viable solution to deter the dogs from escaping. If you have an inside gate, adding another gate on top of it will do the job. You will be increasing the height of your gates by placing them upon each other. In case of an outside gate, chicken wire can be installed over it to prevent your “excited” pooch from jumping out.

Place Your Puppy in a Crate

This will give you a paucity of time to supervise your doggo. This technique is viable only for small dogs or puppies.

Adorn Your Yard

Miniature Doberman Pincher jumping hurdles on an agility course

Adding many dog toys and colorful things in your backyard will do the trick. Your furry friend will be so deeply engrossed in its yard that jumping outside will never be an option.

Deterrent mat

According to Wiggly Wisdom, this can be quite instrumental in impeding your doggo from jumping over the fences. The deterrent mat has quite a coarse surface along with unpleasant walking noise. This will make your dog instantly dislike it.

Improve the Fencing

This is another method that can be helpful if your canine friend is trying to be an escape artist. Several various types of fencing can be effective and some of the most popular ones are described below.

PVC Pipe Fencing – PVC pipes can be installed over the fences that can prevent the doggo from escaping owing to its slippery nature.

Perimeter Landscaping – Rocks and pebbles can be placed at the foot of your fence to stop your canine from digging. L-shaped fencing (made from bending of hog wires) can also be employed.

Train Your Dog

Person hunched over holding up one finger to a Jack Russell Terrier telling it to wait.

Training can be done by keeping the dog on a leash near the door or the fence where he/she jumps. If he/she tries to jump, pull on the leash and give him/her a “No” command. Reward him/her if your pooch complies and does not be an escapist.

Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Jumping Over the Gate or Fence

Other than above mentioned preventative measures, you can also use the following tips to mitigate the negative behavior of your dog.

Follow a Healthy Routine

Make sure your dog follows a healthy routine wherein he takes proper food, exercise, and strolling. This will alleviate its anxiety and make it calm. Once your furry friend’s hormone levels are down, he/she will never attempt to jump out of his/her domain.

Give Your Pet Sufficient Time

Shaggy small dog with tongue stuck out looking over the top of a desk at at alarm clock

Your pooches are very sensitive to the time you give to them. They must receive their proper time. It will take a toll on their mental health. Take them on regular strolls and play with them to make them realize that you are always there whenever they need you.

Neuter Your Dog

RSPCA mentions that it’s best to get your male dog neutered as soon as possible. This will eliminate your pup’s demand for a female counterpart and he will feel no frustration inside to leave the premises of your home.

Remove the Aids for Jumping

According to the Honest kitchen, you must remove many aiding things that can help your pooch to jump outside. These supports include dustbin cans, shelves, boxes, firewood, and garbage bags, and they must be removed to prevent the dog from jumping.

Restrict Your Dog’s View

New privacy fence dividing properties outdoors.

Dogs are stimulated if they find anything interesting outside. Thus, blocking their view of the outer world is quite instrumental to keep them confined in their place.

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